Starbound Togglelayer Command

NOTE: This command has been reported as broken - your usage may vary. This command will hide and show (toggle the visibility of) a specified layer. See argument information for layer numbers.

Togglelayer Syntax

The syntax for the togglelayer command is as follows:

/togglelayer [layer number] Debug Mode

This command has the following arguments:

Layer NumberThe number of the layer to toggle visibility of, layer numbers are between 1 and 20. Layer numbers:
  1. Sky
  2. Parallax
  3. Background
  4. Platforms
  5. Plant
  6. PlantDrop
  7. Object
  8. CursorHintedObject
  9. ParticlesBottom
  10. Effect
  11. Projectile
  12. NPC
  13. Player
  14. ItemDrop
  15. Water
  16. ParticlesMiddle
  17. Foreground
  18. ParticlesTop
  19. Nametag
  20. InfoBars

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Togglelayer Examples

Find below working examples of the togglelayer command.

/togglelayer 1

This command would toggle the visibility of the sky.

/togglelayer 2

This command would toggle the visibility of the parallax.