The Forest Achievementloglevel Command

This command sets the level of logging for your achievement log. By default, this is set to off. See argument information for log levels.

Achievementloglevel Syntax

The syntax for the achievementloglevel command is as follows:

achievementloglevel [log level]

This command has the following arguments:

Log LevelYour desired achievement log level. Specify any of the following:
  • none - turn logging off
  • log - log your achievement progression
  • error - log only errors relating to the achievement system
  • all - log errors and achievement progression information

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Achievementloglevel Examples

Find below working examples of the achievementloglevel command.

achievementloglevel none

This command disables achievement logging (default).

achievementloglevel error

This command enables achievement logging for errors only, not progression.

achievementloglevel log

This command enable achievement logging for progression only, not errors.

achievementloglevel all

This command enables achievement logging for errors and general progression.