The Forest Clearsaveslot Command

This command clears the specified single player or multi player save slot. Note that this is undoable - make sure you're deleting the correct save!

Clearsaveslot Syntax

The syntax for the clearsaveslot command is as follows:

clearsaveslot [mp / sp] [slot #]

This command has the following arguments:

MP / SPSpecify 'mp' here (without quotes) to delete a multiplayer save slot. Specify 'sp' here (without quotes) to delete a single player save slot.
Slot #Specify the slot number of the save you wish to delete here.

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Clearsaveslot Examples

Find below working examples of the clearsaveslot command.

clearsaveslot sp 2

This command would delete the save in single player (sp) slot 2.

clearsaveslot mp 3

This command would delete the save in multiplayer (mp) slot 3.