The Forest Forcerain Command

This command can be used to change the weather to the specified weather type (light, medium, heavy, cloud, or sunny). The weather you set is not permanent - it will change naturally at the next time the game would usually change the weather.

Forcerain Syntax

The syntax for the forcerain command is as follows:

forcerain [weather name]

This command has the following arguments:

Weather NameSpecify your desired weather here. Options are:
  • light - light rain
  • medium - normal rain
  • heavy - heaviest rain
  • cloud - no rain, cloudy skies
  • sunny - sunny skies, no rain

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Forcerain Examples

Find below working examples of the forcerain command.

forcerain light

This command makes the weather in the game light rain.

forcerain medium

The above console command would start the "medium" rain weather.

forcerain heavy

The above command would start the heaviest type of rain weather.

forcerain cloud

This command would make the skies cloudy, without rain.

forcerain sunny

This command makes the weather sunny, with no rain or clouds.