The Forest Gametimescale Command

This command changes the scale of time (speed) for factors like day/night, your stats (hunger, etc) and the day number it is. Numbers above 1 will make time faster, numbers below 1 will make time slower. This does not change the speed that your character and NPCs process at, so you will still move at normal speed and NPCs will still act normal. Set to 1 for normal gametimescale.

Gametimescale Syntax

The syntax for the gametimescale command is as follows:

gametimescale [multiplier]

This command has the following arguments:

MultiplierThe number to multiply the time by. 1 is normal, 2 is two times as fast, 0.5 is half speed.

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Gametimescale Examples

Find below working examples of the gametimescale command.

gametimescale 0.5

This console command would make time go by at half the speed it usually does (0.5x as fast, so 50%).

gametimescale 3

This command would make time go by three times as fast as usual. Days and nights would be 3x as fast, your stats would drain 3x as fast, etc.

gametimescale 1

This command sets the gametimescale to its default value, making time go by normally again.