The Forest Godmode Command

This command enables and disables God Mode. With God Mode turned on, your character cannot take damage, and has the following stats: Unlimited Hydration, Unlimited Fullness, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Armor, Unlimited Cold Armor and Unlimited Stealth. You are unable to die when in God Mode. God Mode is turned off by default.

Godmode Syntax

The syntax for the godmode command is as follows:

godmode [on / off]

This command has the following arguments:

On / OffSpecify 'on' here (without quotes) to enable God Mode. Specify 'off' here (without quotes) to disable God Mode.

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Godmode Examples

Find below working examples of the godmode command.

godmode on

The above cheat command enables god mode, making you invincible.

godmode off

The above command would disable god mode for your character.