The Forest Itemhack Command

This command enables and disables Item Hack. When Item Hack is enabled, your items will not be used up/run out and be essentially infinite. For example, if you consume food, it will not be removed, if you place some resources, they will be placed but the amount you have will remain the same, etc. Item Hack is disabled by default.

Itemhack Syntax

The syntax for the itemhack command is as follows:

itemhack [on / off]

This command has the following arguments:

On / OffSpecify 'on' here (without quotes) to enable Item Hack. Specify 'off' here (without quotes) to disable Item Hack.

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Itemhack Examples

Find below working examples of the itemhack command.

itemhack on

This console command would turn Item Hack on.

itemhack off

This command would turn Item Hack off.