The Forest Placebuiltobjects Command

This command will place a built version of the object with the specified ID in front of your character. See object IDs at:

Placebuiltobjects Syntax

The syntax for the PlaceBuiltObjects command is as follows:

placebuiltobjects [object id] [amount]

This command has the following arguments:

Object IDThe ID of the object you wish to place.
AmountThe amount of the object to place.

Placebuiltobjects Examples

Find below working examples of the PlaceBuiltObjects command.

PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt 1

The Molotov Wire Trap ID is Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt. This command would build a Molotov Wire Trap in front of your character.

PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt 1

WallBuilt is the ID for the Basic Wall object. This command would build one basic wall in front of your character.