The Forest Setdifficultymode Command

This command changes the difficulty of your game to the specified difficulty mode. See argument information for difficulty modes.

Setdifficultymode Syntax

The syntax for the setdifficultymode command is as follows:

setdifficultymode [difficulty]

This command has the following arguments:

DifficultyYour desired difficulty. Options are:
  • peaceful
  • normal
  • hard
  • hardsurvival

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Setdifficultymode Examples

Find below working examples of the setdifficultymode command.

setdifficultymode peaceful

The above console command sets the game's difficulty to peaceful.

setdifficultymode normal

This command sets the difficulty to normal.

setdifficultymode hard

This command sets the difficulty to hard.

setdifficultymode hardsurvival

This console command sets the difficulty to its hardest: hard survival.