The Forest Setdrawdistance Command

This command sets the draw distance (render distance) to the specified setting. See argument information for settings.

Setdrawdistance Syntax

The syntax for the setdrawdistance command is as follows:

setdrawdistance [setting #]

This command has the following arguments:

Setting #Your desired draw distance. Settings are:
  • 0 - Very Low
  • 1 - Low
  • 2 - Medium
  • 3 - High
  • 4 - Very High
  • 5 - Ultra

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Setdrawdistance Examples

Find below working examples of the setdrawdistance command.

setdrawdistance 0

This console command sets your draw distance to very low. This can raise FPS but limits how far into the distance you can see.

setdrawdistance 5

This command sets your draw distance to ultra, the most-distant render distance possible.