The Forest Setskill Command

This command sets the specified skill to the specified number. Skills are: runTime, lungTime and ath.

Setskill Syntax

The syntax for the setSkill command is as follows:

setskill [skill name] [value]

This command has the following arguments:

Skill NameThe name of the skill you wish to change the value of. Skills are:
  • runTime - your sprint/run time
  • lungTime - the amount of time you can spend underwater
  • ath - athleticism
ValueA number between 0 and 100, the value to set the skill to.

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Setskill Examples

Find below working examples of the setSkill command.

setSkill runTime 100

This command gives you max runTime, which allows you to spend the longest time possible running/sprinting.

setSkill lungTime 100

This command gives you the maximum lungTime, allowing you to spend the longest time possible underwater.

setSkill ath 99

This command gives you 99 athleticism, which is the maximum possible.