The Forest Userigidbodyrotation Command

This command can be used to enable and disable rigid body rotation. When rigid body rotation is enabled, camera movements are not smoothed, and will seem stuttery. This is turned off by default.

Userigidbodyrotation Syntax

The syntax for the userigidbodyrotation command is as follows:

userigidbodyrotation [on / off]

This command has the following arguments:

On / OffSpecify 'on' here (without quotes) to turn on rigid body rotation. Specify 'off' here (without quotes) to turn rigid body rotation off (default).

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Userigidbodyrotation Examples

Find below working examples of the userigidbodyrotation command.

userigidbodyrotation on

This command turns on rigid body rotations, making camera movement rigid.

userigidbodyrotation off

This command turns off rigid body rotations, making camera movement smooth.