Valheim Env Command

This command sets the debug environment to the specified argument.

Env Syntax

The syntax for the env command is as follows:

env [id] Cheat

This command has the following arguments:

IDThe ID of the debug environment you want to set. IDs: Clear, Twilight_Clear, Misty, Darklands_dark, Heath clear, DeepForest Mist, GDKing, Rain, LightRain, ThunderStorm, Eikthyr, GoblinKing, nofogts, SwampRain, Bonemass, Snow, Twilight_Snow, Twilight_SnowStorm, SnowStorm, Moder, Ashrain, Crypt, SunkenCrypt

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Env Examples

Find below working examples of the env command.

env swamprain

This command sets the "Swamp Rain" debug environment.

env snowstorm

This command sets the "Snow Storm" debug environment.