Valheim Itemset Command

This command gives your character a specified premade item set. Without the use of the "keep" argument, all of your current inventory items will be dropped. Item sets are (without quotes): "Meadows" (skills set to one, wood and flint weapons, bronze pickaxe), "BlackForest" (skills set to 10, wood and flint weapons), "Swamps" (skills set to a number between 10 and 20, bronze weapons, bronze armor), "Mountains" (skills set to 25, iron weapons, iron armor), "Plains" (skills set to 35, silver weapons, wolf armor), "PlainsBoss" (skills set to 40, blackmetal weapons, padded armor), "EndGame" (skills set to 70, upgraded blackmetal weapons, padded armor).

Itemset Syntax

The syntax for the itemset command is as follows:

itemset [name] [keep] Cheat

This command has the following arguments:

NameThe name of the itemset you want to spawn.
keepEnter keep at the end of the command to keep the items that are currently in your inventory, otherwise, they will be dropped on the floor.

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Itemset Examples

Find below working examples of the itemset command.

itemset Meadows

This command spawns in the "Meadows" itemset, dropping all of your current inventory items.

itemset Plains keep

This command spawns in the "Plains" itemset, keeping all of your current inventory items.