Valheim Timescale Command

This command changes the rate at which time passes. The fastest value time can pass at is 3, and using a value of 0 will pause time.

Timescale Syntax

The syntax for the timescale command is as follows:

timescale [multiplier] [fade time] Cheat

This command has the following arguments:

MultiplierThe speed at which you want time to pass at. 1 would be normal pace, 2 would be 2x pace, 0.5 would be half. 0 would pause the game.
Fade TimeDefault 0. The length of transition duration you want to set.

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Timescale Examples

Find below working examples of the timescale command.

timescale 0

This command pauses time.

timescale 3 30

This command speeds up time by 3x, with a transition duration of 30 seconds.