Valheim Wind Command

This command sets the speed and direction of the wind. The angle value must be between 0 and 360, with 0 blowing North, and intensity being between 0 and 1.

Wind Syntax

The syntax for the wind command is as follows:

wind [angle (0 - 360)] [intensity] Cheat

This command has the following arguments:

Angle (0 - 360)A number between 0 and 360. The angle you want wind to be travelling at, with 0 being towards North and 270 towards West.
IntensityThe speed you want the wind to be travelling at (must be between 0 and 1). 1 is the strongest, 0 is the weakest, 0.25 would be 25% of the max intensity.

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Wind Examples

Find below working examples of the wind command.

wind 270 0.8

This command changes the wind's strength to 0.8, blowing from east to west.

wind 0 0.15

This command changes the wind's strength to 0.15, blowing from south to north.