Victoria 2 Citysize Command

This command can be used to override the default maximum size of cities. See argument information for help.

Citysize Syntax

The syntax for the citysize command is as follows:

citysize [on / off] [size] DLC: Hearts of Darkness

This command has the following arguments:

On / OffSpecify 'on' (without quotes) here to override the city size setting, you need to also specify your desired size (up to 100) after. Specify 'off' (without quotes) here to disable this command if you have previously used it.
SizeThis argument is only required if you are turning this command on. A number between 0 and 100 - your desired maximum city size.

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Citysize Examples

Find below working examples of the citysize command.

citysize on 50

The above command would turn the city size setting on and set the maximum city size to 50.

citysize off

The above command would turn off the city size setting, undoing any city size limitations you have previously changed with the command.