Victoria 2 Debug Cb_use Command

This command prints a list of all requirements for the specified casus belli (also marking which are met and which aren't) between the two specified countries. The first country you specify is the country using the casus belli.

Debug Cb_use Syntax

The syntax for the debug cb_use command is as follows:

debug cb_use [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag] DLC: Hearts of Darkness

This command has the following arguments:

Casus Belli IDThe ID of the casus belli you wish to view requirements for.
Country TagThe country tag of the country you want to be using the casus belli.
Country TagThe country tag of the country that the casus belli is being used on.

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Debug Cb_use Examples

Find below working examples of the debug cb_use command.

debug cb_use unification_release_puppet_cb ENG FRA

The casus belli ID for the "Free Cultural Kin" casus belli is unification_release_puppet_cb. This command would make England (country tag ENG) use this casus belli on France (country tag FRA).