Victoria 2 Goods Command

This command adds the specified amount of each good type, and cash, to your nation. For example, specifying 10 after the command would give you 10 more of all goods and 10 cash.

Goods Syntax

The syntax for the goods command is as follows:

goods [amount] DLC:

This command has the following arguments:

AmountThe amount of each good you wish to add to your nation (e.g. 3 = 3 of every good added to your existing goods).This amount is also added to your nation's cash reserves.

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Goods Examples

Find below working examples of the goods command.

goods 10

This command would give your nation 10 cash, and 10 of every type of goods.

goods -5

This command would remove 5 cash, and 5 of every type of good from your nation.