Victoria 2 Spawnunit Command

This command will spawn the unit with the specified ID in the specified province. The unit will spawn with full strength and no organization.

Spawnunit Syntax

The syntax for the spawnunit command is as follows:

spawnunit [unit id] [province id] DLC: Hearts of Darkness

This command has the following arguments:

Unit IDThe ID of the unit you wish to spawn.
Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to spawn the unit in.

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Spawnunit Examples

Find below working examples of the spawnunit command.

spawnunit armor 1758

The province ID of Farafra is 1758. The ID for the armor unit is.. armor. This command would spawn armor in Farafra.

spawnunit dreadnought 269

Edinburgh has a province ID of 269. This command would spawn the Dreadnought unit in Edinburgh.