Witcher 3 Additem Command

This command adds the item with the specified item code to your inventory. The item code should be surrounded by apostrophes: additem('Dye Red'), not additem(Dye Red). You can optionally specify an amount - if not specified, 1 of the item with the specified item code will be added to your inventory. Find a list of all item codes at commands.gg/witcher3/items.

Additem Syntax

The syntax for the additem command is as follows:

additem('Item Code', Amount)

This command has the following arguments:

'Item Code'The item code (usually the item's name) of the item you wish to add to your inventory surrounded by apostrophes. For example, additem('Dye Red'). Search our item codes list at commands.gg/witcher3/items.
AmountOptional (default is 1). The amount of the specified item code to add to your inventory.

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Additem Examples

Find below working examples of the additem command.


The above command would spawn one Aerondight into your character's inventory.

additem('Aerondight', 2)

As the above console command specifies an amount (2), two Aerondights would be added to your character's inventory.

additem('Ekimma mutagen')

Executing the above command would spawn one Ekimma mutagen.