Witcher 3 Buffme Command

This console command will give your character the specified effect for the specified duration (seconds). These effects are not the same as those from the addabl command. Find a list of all codes at commands.gg/witcher3/effect-types.

Buffme Syntax

The syntax for the buffme command is as follows:

buffme('Effect Type ID', Seconds)

This command has the following arguments:

'Effect Type ID'The ID of the effect (BuffMe ID) you wish to add, surrounded by apostrophes: buffme('EET_AbilityOnLowHealth', 150), not just buffme(EET_AbilityOnLowHealth,150).
SecondsThe amount of time, in seconds, to add the buff for.

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Buffme Examples

Find below working examples of the buffme command.


This command would buff your character with the Catseye (effect code EET_Cat) effect for 120 seconds (2 minutes).


The above console command would knock down Geralt for 10 seconds (as this would apply the Knockdown critical effect for 10 seconds).