Crusader Kings 2 Clr_moved_capital Command

This command clears the 'moved capital flag' that your character receives after moving your capital. Clearing the flag allows you to move your capital again (as you can't move your capital twice). The character ID argument may not work.

Clr_moved_capital Syntax

The syntax for the clr_moved_capital command is as follows:

clr_moved_capital [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character IDOptional - the character ID of the character you wish to clear the moved capital flag from. If you don't specify a character ID, this command will clear the capital moved flag of your own kingdom. How to find character IDs:

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Clr_moved_capital Examples

Find below working examples of the clr_moved_capital command.


The above console command clears the moved capital flag from your character.

clr_moved_capital 78845

This command may not work (i.e. if a character ID is specified), but it should clear the moved capital flag from the character with ID 78845.