Crusader Kings 2 Coalition Command

This command will make the first specified character start a coalition against the second specified character. If there is already a coalition between the two characters, the coalition will be ended.

Coalition Syntax

The syntax for the coalition command is as follows:

coalition [character id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character IDThe ID of the character you wish to start a coalition, or leave a coalition if it is already existing. How to find character IDs:
Character IDThe ID of the character you wish for the coalition to be started again. Or, if the coalition is already existing, for the first specified character to leave. How to find character IDs:

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Coalition Examples

Find below working examples of the coalition command.

coalition 140 944855

If the character with ID 140 isn't in a coalition against the character with ID 944855, the above console command would make character ID 140 start a coalition against 944855. If there is already an existing coalition that character with ID 140 is in, character with ID 140 will leave the coalition.