Crusader Kings 2 Cuckoo Command

This command will make a character impregnate another character, but the father will be unknown. The first character ID you specify is the character ID of the mother, the second character ID is the ID of the father.

Cuckoo Syntax

The syntax for the cuckoo command is as follows:

cuckoo [character id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character IDThe character ID of the mother (who you wish to be be impregnated). How to find character IDs:
Character IDThe character ID of the father (however he will be unknown). How to find character IDs:

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Cuckoo Examples

Find below working examples of the cuckoo command.

cuckoo 8033 7845

The above console command would make the character with character ID 8033 become pregant with a baby. The father would be the character with ID 7845, but this would not be known.