Crusader Kings 2 Decision Command

This command makes the specified character execute the decision with the specified ID. If you do not specify a character ID, the character you are playing as will execute the decision.

Decision Syntax

The syntax for the decision command is as follows:

decision [decision id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Decision IDThe ID of the decision you wish to execute, e.g. conscript_merchant_ships. Find a list of all decision IDs at:
Character IDOptional - the ID of the character you wish to execute the decision. If you do not specify a character ID here, your own character will execute the decision. How to find character IDs:

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Decision Examples

Find below working examples of the decision command.

decision dynastic_meddling

The Dynastic Meddling decision has a decision ID of dynastic_meddling. As no character ID is specified after the decision ID, this command would make the character you're playing as execute the Dynastic Meddling decision.

decision drill_troops_decision 884754

This command would make the character with ID 884754 execute the "Drill Troops" decision, which has a decision ID of "drill_troops_decision".