Crusader Kings 2 Recalc_succ Command

This command recalcuates succession for the character with the specified character ID. If you don't specify a character ID, succession will be recalculated for your own character.

Recalc_succ Syntax

The syntax for the recalc_succ command is as follows:

recalc_succ [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Character IDOptional - the character ID of the character you wish to recalculate succession for. If you do not specify an ID, your own character's succession will be recalculated. How to find character IDs:

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Recalc_succ Examples

Find below working examples of the recalc_succ command.


The above console command would recalculate succession for your character, as no character ID is specified.

recalc_succ 5534

This command would recalculate succession for the character with ID 5534.