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Find below a searchable list of all event IDs from CK3 for use with the event console command.

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Name Code
Marauding Slavers from [hostile_sub_realm.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip] yearly_saharan.0032
Slave Raids against [affected_sub_realm.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip] Escalate yearly_saharan.0031
[nomad_leader.GetCulture.GetNameNoTooltip] Nomads Flock to [target_county.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip] yearly_saharan.0021
[source_county.GetProvince.GetCounty.GetFaith.GetAdherentNameNoTooltip] Traders in [target_county.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip]: Faith Change yearly_saharan.0005
[source_county.GetProvince.GetCounty.GetFaith.GetAdherentNameNoTooltip] Traders in [target_county.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip]: Commercial Boom yearly_saharan.0004
[source_county.GetProvince.GetCounty.GetFaith.GetAdherentNameNoTooltip] Traders in [target_county.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip]: Integration yearly_saharan.0003
[source_county.GetProvince.GetCounty.GetFaith.GetAdherentNameNoTooltip] Traders in [target_county.GetNameNoTierNoTooltip] yearly_saharan.0001
Shu'ubiyya yearly_persian.1101
Nowruz yearly_persian.1002
The Beautiful Game: Heavy Defeat! yearly.7045
The Beautiful Game: Defeat! yearly.7044
The Beautiful Game: Draw yearly.7043
The Beautiful Game: Victory! yearly.7042
The Beautiful Game: Glorious Victory! yearly.7041
The Beautiful Game: Final Score yearly.7040
The Beautiful Game: To Dye For yearly.7033
The Beautiful Game: Drinks Break yearly.7032
The Beautiful Game: Ankle-Biter yearly.7031
The Beautiful Game: Never A Pen yearly.7030
The Beautiful Game: Thatch Of The Hay yearly.7024
The Beautiful Game: The Hand Of [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.HighGodName] yearly.7023
The Beautiful Game: A Comely Spectator yearly.7022
The Beautiful Game: Rock On yearly.7021
The Beautiful Game: Kickoff yearly.7020
The Beautiful Game: Performance-Enhancing Drafts yearly.7015
The Beautiful Game: Eyes On The Pies yearly.7014
The Beautiful Game: A Big Signing yearly.7013
The Beautiful Game: All The Gear... yearly.7012
The Beautiful Game: Weighing The Risks yearly.7011
The Beautiful Game yearly.7010
The Last Day yearly.7001
The Seed Merchant yearly.9120
The Flower Thief yearly.9110
A Mighty Elephant yearly.9020
A Deviant on the Loose yearly.8400
A Contribution to the War Chest yearly.8300
A Donation in Good Faith yearly.8200
Ecstatic Peasantry yearly.8100
Paying Homage yearly.8000
Marital Recriminations yearly.5050
A Shady Discussion yearly.5040
Concerning Tutelage yearly.5020
Compassionate Discord yearly.5010
Dull Nights yearly.5007
Old Regrets yearly.5002
An Unfortunate Encounter yearly.5001
Scholars of Baghdad yearly.4091
Translations yearly.4081
The Search for Knowledge yearly.4071
The Wise Fool yearly.4061
Killer in Our Midst yearly.4031
The Returned yearly.4022
Roughhousing yearly.4021
Thick as Thieves yearly.4011
Only a Nightmare yearly.3071
Dealing With the Cagots yearly.3061
By Right yearly.3051
A Good [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.GetAdjectiveNoTooltip|U] yearly.3040
Getting Ahead yearly.3031
On [deathbed_character.GetHerHis|U] Deathbed yearly.3021
An Impression Twice Made yearly.3011
Out in the Open yearly.3004
An Insulting Accusation yearly.3003
Confession yearly.3002
A Helpful Warning yearly.3001
Far From Home yearly.1090
A Creeping Suspicion yearly.1080
Drawn to the Flame yearly.1070
The Oldest Joke In The Book yearly.1060
The Duelist Returns yearly.1051
The Great Duelist yearly.1050
A Gesture of Appreciation yearly.1044
Caught Red-Handed yearly.1043
An Unexpected Visit yearly.1040
Every [hooked.GetWomanMan|U] for [hooked.GetHerselfHimself|U] yearly.1030
My Lost Lamb yearly.1015
A Successful Hunt yearly.1014
Gone In The Night yearly.1010
I Should Have Known yearly.1003
Through Downcast Lashes yearly.1001
Comet Sighted! yearly.0011
Forbidden Love yearly.0003
Indiscreet Councillor yearly.0002
Tempest in the Wilderness bp1_yearly.0101
Shelter from the Storm bp1_yearly.0100
War Stories bp1_yearly.9050
Just Desserts? bp1_yearly.9049
Wrestling a Demon bp1_yearly.9048
A Loving Lock bp1_yearly.9047
A Brown Naming bp1_yearly.9046
The Execution bp1_yearly.9045
The Execution bp1_yearly.9044
The Baby Eating [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.BishopNeuter|U] bp1_yearly.9043
The Face of [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.HealthGodName] bp1_yearly.9042
Memories of a [bp1_yearly_9041_parent.GetMotherFather|U] bp1_yearly.9041
A Lover's Visitation bp1_yearly.9040
The Immaculate Corpse bp1_yearly.9039
A Secret Revealed bp1_yearly.9038
The Body in the Bog bp1_yearly.9037
The Wicked Witch of the Bog bp1_yearly.9036
The Good Witch of the Bog bp1_yearly.9035
A Watery Witch bp1_yearly.9034
The Last Night bp1_yearly.9033
Making Amends bp1_yearly.9032
Forgive Me bp1_yearly.9031
[bp1_yearly_9026_dead_friend.GetNamePossessive] Second Visit bp1_yearly.9030
[bp1_yearly_9029_dead_parent.Custom2('RelationToMe', ROOT.Char)|U]! bp1_yearly.9029
The Ghost of Quarrels Past bp1_yearly.9028
Poor Unfortunate Serfs bp1_yearly.9027
A Face From Long Ago bp1_yearly.9026
I Know You Now bp1_yearly.9025
A Caring Hand bp1_yearly.9024
A Language Barrier bp1_yearly.9023
A Friendly Intervention bp1_yearly.9022
The [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.DevilName|U] in My Bed bp1_yearly.9021
An Odd Request bp1_yearly.9020
A [bp1_yearly_9019_lover.GetWomanMan|U] in Our Bed bp1_yearly.9019
Passion or Purity bp1_yearly.9018
The [bp1_yearly_9016_uppity_child.GetWomanMan|U] Who Would Be [ROOT.Char.GetTitleAsNameNoTooltip] bp1_yearly.9016
It Takes Two bp1_yearly.9015
More Than a Pretty Face bp1_yearly.9014
Double Trouble bp1_yearly.9012
The Two [ROOT.Char.GetTitleAsNameNoTooltip]s bp1_yearly.9010
Another Lover bp1_yearly.9009
To Live as My Other Half bp1_yearly.9008
A Mirror in the Mud bp1_yearly.9007
A Sinister Consideration bp1_yearly.9006
Leather-Bound Secrets witch.4030
Taking or Giving witch.4020
[ROOT.Char.GetFaith.WitchGodHerHis|U] Gifts Are Plentiful witch.4010
Divine Judgment witch.4001
Grand Rite: Until Next Time witch.3098
Grand Rite: The Stars Align witch.3016
Grand Rite: By the Pond witch.3015
Grand Rite: The Full Moon Rises witch.3010
Grand Rite: An Uninvited Guest witch.3003
Grand Rite: Lacking Devotion witch.3002
Dear [ROOT.Char.Custom('SisterBrother')|U] [ROOT.Char.GetFirstNameNoTooltip], witch.3001
[recipient.Custom2('AppropriateGreetingPositive', ROOT.Char )] witch.2901
[actor.Custom2('AppropriateGreetingPositive', ROOT.Char )] witch.2900
Hidden Ally witch.2007
Convert to Witchcraft: The Reveal witch.2006
Convert to Witchcraft: Closed Mind, Cold Heart witch.2004
Convert to Witchcraft: Overheard witch.2010
Convert to Witchcraft: A New Novice witch.2003
A Servant of [owner.GetFaith.WitchGodName] witch.2002
Convert to Witchcraft: The Time Has Come witch.2001
Hidden Knowledge witch.1003
The Age of Knowing witch.1002
[attacker.Custom2('AppropriateGreetingNegative', ROOT.Char)] war_event.3102
Newfound Faith war_event.3101
[war_owner.Custom2('AppropriateGreeting', ROOT.Char)] war_event.3002
[war_owner.Custom2('AppropriateGreeting', ROOT.Char)] war_event.3001
The Terror from [capital_province.GetNameNoTooltip] raiding.0023
Varangian Guard: An Honorable Death varangian.3001
Returning From the Varangian Guard varangian.1002
The Varangian Guard varangian.0002
Deviancy trait_specific_ongoing.6003
Deviant Liege trait_specific_ongoing.6002
Caught with My Pants Down trait_specific_ongoing.6001
Late Night Snack trait_specific_ongoing.5005
Snack Stop trait_specific_ongoing.5004
Temptations of the Flesh trait_specific_ongoing.5003
Private Meating trait_specific_ongoing.5001
Snide Remarks trait_specific_ongoing.3015
Heavy Days trait_specific_ongoing.3009
Long Term Solutions trait_specific_ongoing.3002
Misery Loves Company trait_specific_ongoing.3001
Nowhere To Hide trait_specific_ongoing.2025
A Familiar Sensation trait_specific_ongoing.2020
By [ROOT.Char.GetFaith.HighGodName] Be Healed trait_specific_ongoing.2015
Divine Focus trait_specific_ongoing.2010
The Dastardly [recipient.GetTitleAsNameNoTooltip] trait_specific_interactions.0041
Striving Amidst Strife trait_specific_interactions.0031
Lines about Legacy trait_specific_interactions.0021
Solace in Script trait_specific_interactions.0011
A Touch of Romance trait_specific_interactions.0001
Suspicious Snickering trait_specific.8501
Splitting the Crown title_event.0015
Splitting the Crown title_event.0014
Splitting the Crown title_event.0013
Splitting the Crown title_event.0012
Court Event Test test_court_events.1
Poem About [ROOT.GetCharacter.Custom('theme_announcement')|UD] poetry.0003
A Poem! poetry.0002
An Insult! insult_poetry.0001
Feast of Intentions stress_trait_ongoing.5001
The Hunger stress_trait_ongoing.4502
Not A Bite To Eat stress_trait_ongoing.4501
Obsession stress_trait_ongoing.1501
It Was Ever Thus stress_trait_ongoing.0511
Sweet Relief stress_trait_ongoing.0506
Stress Coping: Friendly Competition stress_trait_coping_decisions.7503
Stress Coping: Heavier is More stress_trait_coping_decisions.7502
Mental Break: Repressed Desires stress_threshold_special.2001
Mental Break: Torrential Grief stress_threshold_special.1001
Mental Break: Freedom stress_threshold_prison.3999
Mental Break: True Family stress_threshold_prison.3011
Mental Break: A Friend in Need stress_threshold_prison.3001
Mental Break: The Darkest Corners stress_threshold_prison.2021