Crusader Kings 3 Trait ID List

Below is a searchable list of all CK3 trait codes, for use with the add_trait and remove_trait console commands to add traits to characters.

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Name Code
Republican Heir education_republican_knowledge_4
Town Maven education_republican_knowledge_3
Mayor Trainee education_republican_knowledge_2
Town Dweller education_republican_knowledge_1
Valued Scholarly Courtier scholarly_court_2
Scholarly Courtier scholarly_court_1
Valued Intrigue Courtier intrigue_court_2
Intrigue Courtier intrigue_court_1
Valued Administrative Courtier administrative_court_2
Administrative Courtier administrative_court_1
Valued Warlike Courtier warlike_court_2
Warlike Courtier warlike_court_1
Valued Diplomatic Courtier diplomatic_court_2
Diplomatic Courtier diplomatic_court_1
Famous Champion education_martial_prowess_4
Formidable Banneret education_martial_prowess_3
Confident Knight education_martial_prowess_2
Bumbling Squire education_martial_prowess_1
Consecrated Blood consecrated_blood
Paragon paragon
Greatest of Khans greatest_of_khans
Chakravarti chakravarti
Crusader King crusader_king
Winter Soldier winter_soldier
Organizer organizer
Cautious Leader cautious_leader
Forest Fighter forest_fighter
Rough Terrain Expert rough_terrain_expert
Open Terrain Expert open_terrain_expert
Holy Warrior holy_warrior
Reckless reckless
Reaver reaver
Jungle Stalker jungle_stalker
Desert Warrior desert_warrior
Flexible Leader flexible_leader
Forder forder
Unyielding Defender unyielding_defender
Aggressive Attacker aggressive_attacker
Military Engineer military_engineer
Logistician logistician
Disloyal disloyal
Loyal loyal
Denounced denounced
Disinherited disinherited
Witch witch
Peasant Leader peasant_leader
Heresiarch heresiarch
Adventurer adventurer
Reincarnation reincarnation
Augustus augustus
Born in the Purple born_in_the_purple
Murderer murderer
Fornicator fornicator
Adulterer adulterer
Incestuous incestuous
Sodomite sodomite
Cannibal cannibal
Deviant deviant
Kinslayer kinslayer_3
Familial Kinslayer kinslayer_2
Dynastic Kinslayer kinslayer_1
Twin twin
Bastard Founder bastard_founder
Wild Oat wild_oat
Disputed Heritage disputed_heritage
Legitimized Bastard legitimized_bastard
Bastard bastard
Poet poet
Varangian varangian
Berserker berserker
Order Member order_member
Saint saint
Warrior of the Faith faith_warrior
Blood of the Prophet blood_of_prophet
Divine Blood divine_blood
The Savior savior
Saoshyant Descendant saoshyant_descendant
Saoshyant saoshyant
Sayyid sayyid
Devoted devoted
Excommunicated excommunicated
Pilgrim pilgrim
Celibate celibate
Infertile infertile
Bleeder bleeder
Wheezing wheezing
Albino albino
Scaly scaly
Spindly spindly
Impotent impotent
Dull dull
Weak weak
Inbred inbred
Giant giant
Dwarf dwarf
Stuttering stuttering
Lisping lisping
Hunchbacked hunchbacked
Club-footed clubfooted
Shrewd shrewd
Strong strong
Fecund fecund
Pure-blooded pure_blooded
Divine physique_good_3
Robust physique_good_2
Hale physique_good_1
Feeble physique_bad_3
Frail physique_bad_2
Delicate physique_bad_1
Genius intellect_good_3
Intelligent intellect_good_2
Quick intellect_good_1
Imbecile intellect_bad_3
Stupid intellect_bad_2
Slow intellect_bad_1
Beautiful beauty_good_3
Attractive beauty_good_2
Comely beauty_good_1
Hideous beauty_bad_3
Ugly beauty_bad_2
Homely beauty_bad_1
Blind blind
Eunuch eunuch
Scarred scarred
Sickly sickly
Smallpox smallpox
Bubonic Plague bubonic_plague
Typhus typhus
Cancer cancer
Consumption consumption
Gout Ridden gout_ridden
Incapable incapable
Infirm infirm
Disfigured disfigured
One-Legged one_legged
One-Eyed one_eyed
Maimed maimed
Brutally Mauled wounded_3
Severely Injured wounded_2
Wounded wounded_1
Leper leper
Lover's Pox lovers_pox
Lover's Pox early_great_pox
Great Pox great_pox
Pneumonia pneumonic
Ill ill
Possessed possessed_genetic
Possessed possessed_1
Lunatic lunatic_genetic
Lunatic lunatic_1
Melancholic depressed_genetic
Melancholic depressed_1
Pregnant pregnant
Athletic athletic
Confider confider
Journaller journaller
Inappetetic inappetetic
Comfort Eater comfort_eater
Contrite contrite
Improvident improvident
Profligate profligate
Flagellant flagellant
Irritable irritable
Reclusive reclusive
Rakish rakish
Hashishiyah hashishiyah
Drunkard drunkard
Bossy bossy
Pensive pensive
Curious curious
Charming charming
Rowdy rowdy
Forgiving forgiving
Vengeful vengeful
Fickle fickle
Stubborn stubborn
Sadistic sadistic
Callous callous
Compassionate compassionate
Trusting trusting
Paranoid paranoid
Zealous zealous
Cynical cynical
Just just
Arbitrary arbitrary
Content content
Ambitious ambitious
Gregarious gregarious
Shy shy
Brave brave
Craven craven
Honest honest
Deceitful deceitful
Humble humble
Arrogant arrogant
Impatient impatient
Patient patient
Calm calm
Wrathful wrathful
Diligent diligent
Lazy lazy
Generous generous
Greedy greedy
Temperate temperate
Gluttonous gluttonous
Chaste chaste
Lustful lustful
Gardener lifestyle_gardener
Herbalist lifestyle_herbalist
Renowned Physician physician_3
Physician physician_2
Novice Physician physician_1
Miracle Worker mystic_3
Mystic mystic_2
Theologian theologian
Scholar scholar
Whole of Body whole_of_body
Torturer torturer
Seducer seducer
Schemer schemer
Avaricious avaricious
Administrator administrator
Architect architect
Gallant gallant
Overseer overseer
Strategist strategist
Master Hunter hunter_3
Hunter hunter_2
Novice Hunter hunter_1
Legendary Blademaster blademaster_3
Blademaster blademaster_2
Aspiring Blademaster blademaster_1
Legendary Reveler reveler_3
Famous Reveler reveler_2
Eager Reveler reveler_1
August august
Family First family_first
Diplomat diplomat
Mastermind Philosopher education_learning_4
Astute Intellectual education_learning_3
Insightful Thinker education_learning_2
Conscientious Scribe education_learning_1
Brilliant Strategist education_martial_4
Skilled Tactician education_martial_3
Tough Soldier education_martial_2
Misguided Warrior education_martial_1
Midas Touched education_stewardship_4
Fortune Builder education_stewardship_3
Thrifty Clerk education_stewardship_2
Indulgent Wastrel education_stewardship_1
Grey Eminence education_diplomacy_4
Charismatic Negotiator education_diplomacy_3
Adequate Bargainer education_diplomacy_2
Naive Appeaser education_diplomacy_1
Elusive Shadow education_intrigue_4
Intricate Webweaver education_intrigue_3
Flamboyant Trickster education_intrigue_2
Amateurish Plotter education_intrigue_1