Dragon Age: Origins Recipe ID List

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Name Code
Acidic Grease Trap Plans 79
Acidic Trap Plans 68
Soulrot Trap Plans 85
Mild Lure Plans 72
Interesting Lure Trap Plans 82
Overpowering Lure Trap Plans 87
Spring Trap Plans 67
Poisoned Caltrop Trap Plans 80
Small Caltrop Trap Plans 65
Small Claw Trap Plans 66
Small Grease Trap Plans 64
Small Shrapnel Trap Plans 73
Large Caltrop Trap Plans 70
Large Claw Trap Plans 74
Large Grease Trap Plans 69
Large Shrapnel Trap Plans 83
Mild Choking Powder Trap Plans 71
Choking Powder Cloud Trap Plans 86
Choking Powder Trap Plans 81
Mild Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 75
Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 84
Sleeping Gas Cloud Trap Plans 88
Fire Trap Plans 76
Freeze Trap Plans 77
Shock Trap Plans 78
Acid Flask Recipe 41
Acidic Coating Recipe 42
Venom Recipe 39
Concentrated Venom Recipe 43
Adder's Kiss Recipe 54
Quiet Death Recipe 63
Crow Poison Recipe 44
Concentrated Crow Poison Recipe 56
Deathroot Extract Recipe 40
Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe 45
Demonic Poison Recipe 55
Concentrated Demonic Poison Recipe 62
Magebane Poison Recipe 47
Concentrated Magebane Recipe 59
Soldier's Bane Recipe 46
Concentrated Soldier's Bane Recipe 58
Fire Bomb Recipe 48
Flaming Coating Recipe 51
Freeze Bomb Recipe 49
Freezing Coating Recipe 52
Shock Bomb Recipe 50
Shock Coating Recipe 53
Soulrot Bomb Recipe 60
Soulrot Coating Recipe 61
Fleshrot Recipe 57