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Name Code
A History of Aeducan: Paragon, King, Peacemaker bdn100im_scholar_book
Note of Credit bdn120im_credit_note
Ballista Bolt bdn200im_ballista_bolt
Aeducan Shield bdn200im_shield
Aeducan Signet Ring bdn200im_trian_ring
Tattered Prison Clothes bdn300im_prison_clothes
Drug bdc110im_drug
Proving Pass bdc110im_proving_pass
Cell Key (Origins) bdc120im_cell_key
Splintered Key bdc120im_lock_pick
Lyrium Nugget bdc130im_lyrium_ore
Dagger bdc140im_dagger
Dwarven Mace bdc140im_dwarfmace
Everd's Armor bdc140im_everd_armor
Everd's Axe bdc140im_everd_axe
Everd's Boots bdc140im_everd_boots
Everd's Gloves bdc140im_everd_gloves
Everd's Helm bdc140im_everd_helm
Everd's Mace bdc140im_everd_mace
Everd's Shield bdc140im_everd_shield
Everd's Sword bdc140im_everd_sword
Fight Schedule bdc140im_fight_schedule
Dwarven Longsword (Origins) bdc140im_longsword
Mosswine bdc210im_wine_mother
Crossbow bec100im_duncan_crossbow
Borrowed Longsword bec100im_duncan_longsword
Soris' Wedding Attire bec100im_soris_wedding
Wedding Clothes (female version) bec110im_wedding_f
Wedding Clothes (male version) bec110im_wedding_m
Brandy bec210im_brandy
Cleanser bec210im_cleanser
Brandy (Cheap) bec210im_drinks
Rat Poison bec210im_rat_poison
Elven Artifact bed100im_elven_artifacts
Key bed200im_key_heirloom
Signed Rod of Fire Request Form bhm000im_signed_form
Rod of Fire Request Form bhm000im_unsigned_form
Rod of Fire bhm200im_rodoffire
Laboratory Storage Key bhm200ip_laboratory_key
Shimmering Orb of Light bhm600im_fade_healing_salve
Valor's Staff bhm600im_valor_sword
Key (treasury) bhn200im_treasury_key
Food pre100im_food
Gravity Arrows pre100im_gravity_arrows
Gravity Longbow pre100im_gravity_bows
Key to Mages' Chest pre100im_key_wizards_chest
Chevalier's Armor pre100im_kings_armor
Chevalier's Boots pre100im_kings_boots
Chevalier's Gloves pre100im_kings_gloves
Dog Muzzle pre100im_muzzle
Water pre100im_water
Vial of Darkspawn Blood pre200im_darkspawn_blood
Ancient Scrolls pre200im_documents
Wilds Flower pre200im_flower
Flemeth's Key pre200im_key_flemeth
Ancient Treaties pre200im_treaties
Pouch of Ashes lite_kor_ash_pouch
Beloved Amulet lite_kor_lastwill_amulet
Sealed Lockbox lite_kor_lastwill_lockbox
Rigby's Last Will and Testament lite_kor_lastwill_will
Excerpt from Local Myths and Legends lite_kor_localmyths
A Letter litim_kor_miss_letter
A Letter litim_kor_miss_letter2
Rigby's Field Journal litim_kor_signs_note
Knight's Locket lot100im_knights_locket
Knight's Note lot100im_knights_note
Sealed Note lot100im_magenote
Miriam's Note lot100im_miriams_note
Sarha's Keepsake lot100im_sarhas_keepsake
Sten's Cage Key lot100im_stens_cage_key
Knight's Journal lot105im_knights_favor_note
Chantry Cabinet Key lot110im_cabinet_key
Litany of Adralla cir000im_litany
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note1
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note2
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note3
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note4
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note5
Scrap of Paper cir200im_abom_note6
Notice of Censure cir200im_censurenote
Arl Foreshadow's Journal cir200im_fore_book
Small Painted Box cir210im_lt_paintedbox
Scrap of Paper cir210im_rev_note
Signet Ring arl100it_signet_ring
Holy Symbol arl110it_holy_symbol
Bundle of Equipment arl120it_stash
Owen's Key arl120it_stash_key
Dwyn's Lockbox Key arl130it_lockbox_key
Bevin's Key arl140it_chest_key
Letter (Berwick) arl150it_spy_letter
Redcliffe Vault Key arl220it_vault_key
Ancient Encrypted Scrolls lot185im_justine_scroll
Cultists Robe urn000im_cultist_robes
Cultist Medallion urn110ip_medallion
Vial of Dragons Blood urn200im_dragons_blood
Black Pearl urn200im_pearl
South-East Chamber Key urn200im_southeast_key
Taper urn200im_taper
Main Hall Key urn200im_wraith_key
Kolgrim's Horn urn210im_dragon_horn
Heavy Chainmail urn230im_armor_reward
Pinch of Sacred Ash urn230im_sacred_ashes
Magic Greatsword urn230im_weapon_reward
Genitivi's Research urn270im_research
The Tale of Iloren ntb100im_cammen_book
Halla Antlers ntb100im_halla_antlers
Ironbark Bracer ntb100im_ironbark_bracer
Song Book ntb100im_lanaya_songbook
Figurine ntb200im_deygan_figurine
Ironbark ntb200im_ironbark
Grand Oak Acorn ntb210im_grand_oak_heart
Book ntb210im_hermit_book
Magical Werewolf Pelt ntb210im_hermit_pelt
Scarf ntb220im_danyla_scarf
Empty Earthen Jug ntb330im_earthen_jug_empty
Full Earthen Jug ntb330im_earthen_jug_full
Tablet ntb330im_puzzle_tablet
Scrap of Paper ntb330im_rev_note
Scrap of Paper ntb340im_rev_note
Heart of the Forest (item) ntb340im_witherfang_heart
Jammer's Stash Key lit_im_carta_jam_key
Iron Letter Opener lit_im_carta_open_irn
Red Steel Letter Opener lit_im_carta_open_red
Steel Letter Opener lit_im_carta_open_ste
Emerald Costume Ring lit_im_carta_ring_emd
Gold Costume Ring lit_im_carta_ring_gld
Silver Costume Ring lit_im_carta_ring_sil
Fluorspar Trinket lit_im_carta_trkt_flo
Garnet Trinket lit_im_carta_trkt_gar
Malachite Trinket lit_im_carta_trkt_mal
Head in a Bag orz_lite_bodypart1
Torso in a Bag orz_lite_bodypart2
Bag of Limbs orz_lite_bodypart3
Orzammar Guard Boots orz200im_guard_boots
Orzammar Guard Chestplate orz200im_guard_chest
Orzammar Guard Gloves orz200im_guard_gloves
Orzammar Guard Helmet orz200im_guard_helm
Orzammar Guard Shield orz200im_guard_shield
Box o' Nugs orz200im_nug
Jail Key orz230im_jail_key
Carta Key orz230im_jarvia_key
Incriminating Evidence orz230im_trian_evidence
Baizyl's Love Letters orz260im_baizyl_letters
Myaja's Key orz260im_myajas_key
Aeducan Thaig Map orz300im_dace_map
Dace Signet Ring orz300im_dace_ring
Proving Receipt orz310im_proving_receipt
A Volume of Shaper History orz310im_stolen_tome
Scrap of Paper orz320im_rev_note
Promissory Note for Lady Dace orz340im_letter_dace
Promissory Note for Lord Helmi orz340im_letter_helmi
Forged Documents orz340im_planted_papers
Smuggled Lyrium orz400im_rogek_lyrium
Finger Bone Token orz410im_carta_key
Scrap of Paper orz510im_rev_note
Topsider's Blade orz510im_topsider_blade
Topsider's Hilt orz510im_topsider_hilt
Topsider's Pommel orz510im_topsider_pommel
Ortan Records orz530im_ortan_records
Paragon-Forged Crown orz540im_kings_crown
Golem Registry Tracing orz540im_registry_tracing
Dead Caste Insignia orz550im_legion_insignia
Legionnaire Key orz550im_legion_key
Paedan's Orders den100im_paedan_order
Anonymous Letter den200im_assassin_letter
Contract for Ambassador Gainley den200im_contract_gainley
Contract for Kadan-Fe Mercenaries den200im_contract_kadanfe
Contract for Paedan den200im_contract_paedan
Contract for Captain Chase den200im_contract_ransom
Ignacio's Dagger den200im_ignacio_dagger
Pouch of Gems den200im_pick1_gem_purse
Ser Nancine's Ornamental Sword den200im_pick2_sword_orn
Silversmith's Key den200im_pick3_silver_key
Teyrn Loghain's Crown den200im_pick4_loghain_crwn
Silver Bar den260im_silver_bar
Captain Key den970im_fran_captain_key
Tears of Andraste den970im_tears_andraste
Key den300im_apartment_key
Worn Amulet den300im_beggar_amulet
Hospice Key den300im_hospice_key
Ser Friden's Journal den300im_otto_journal
Note den340im_note
Free Sailor Sextant den350im_fazzil_sextant
Slaver Documents den360im_slaver_documents
Guard Uniform den400im_disguise
Guard Boots den400im_disguise_boots
Guard Gloves den400im_disguise_gloves
Guard Helmet den400im_disguise_helm
Key to Cell Doors den400im_key_cage
Key to Front Hall Door den400im_key_hall_front
Key to Rear Hall Door den400im_key_hall_rear
Key to Reception Door den400im_key_reception
List of Passwords den400im_password_list
Regulation Sword den400im_regulation_sword
Arl Howe's Key den511im_howe_key
Irminric's Signet Ring den511im_irminric_ring
Key to Lower Prison den511im_low_prison_key
Grey Warden Documents den511im_riordan_papers
Vaughan's Key den511im_vaughan_key
ring (worn by Loghain during Landsmeet duel) den600im_loghain_ring_1