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How to Open and Use the Factorio Console

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Command/cheat consoles in video games usually aren't the simplest things. Thankfully, the command system isn't too complicated in Factorio, well, that is if you don't delve into the Lua command system.

In Factorio, commands are simply chat messages preceeded by a slash that 'do things'. They're commonly referred to as cheats. This article will show you how to execute and use them.

Opening the Console

There's no way you can execute commands if you don't know how to open the console. To open the console, all you have to do is press the / key (forward slash) or the ~ key (tilde key).

Command Structure

Commands in Factorio have the following properties:

  • Every command is proceeded with a / (forward slash).
  • Arguments are separated with spaces. Arguments are just variables or data that is passed to a command. In the command '/whitelist add john23', the arguments are 'add' and 'john23'.
  • Some commands require administrator status.

It's important to note that not all commands have arguments, and some commands have varying amounts of arguments.

To see a list of cheat commands for Factorio, check out our command list.

Lua Commands

Factorio also allows for Lua commands, these are a little more complicated. The commands you need to know to use Lua in Factorio are:

/c [lua] This command executes a Lua command, e.g. "/c game.player.print("hi")".
/measured-command [lua] This command executes a Lua command, and measures the time it took to execute. Useful for working out laggy commands.
/silent-command [lua] This command executes a Lua command, but will not print it to the console.

Opening the Console in Other Games

It's likely Factorio isn't the only game you're going to need to access the console to use cheats in. Here's a list of how to open the console in some related games:

Factorio Console Commands

Use our complete list of all Factorio commands to find documentation and help for every command.

All Factorio Commands

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