Commands Every Factorio Moderator Should Know

If you don't know these, you're doing it wrong.

Singleplayer Factorio is fun and peaceful. Multiplayer Factorio can be even more fun, but that peaceful aspect of singleplayer can be absent in a Factorio server if it isn't moderated correctly. If you're wondering.. how do I moderate my Factorio server? You've come to the right place blog post.

It's important that you are an administrator of the server before reading this article, you can find out how to do that over on our promote command page. If you aren't administrator on the server you're trying to moderate, it is impossible to use the majority of the below commands.

Banning and Muting

Luckily, Factorio comes equipped by default with an awesome ban and mute system that can be accessed via cheat commands. The commands you need to know are:

Ban-related Commands

The first two ban commands listed above are quite simple. Typing /ban [player name] will ban a player and /unban [player name] will unban a player. To ban the player steven44, you'd type '/ban steven44' - unban works in exactly the same way.

If you'd like to send a message to the player when they try to reconnect (so that they know what they were banned for), you can do so by simply writing your message at the end of command. For example, the command '/ban steven44 Being a noob' would ban the player with username 'steven44' and send them the message 'Being a noob' whenever they try to connect.

The /banlist command is a little more complicated, but is still fairly easy to understand. It takes either 1 or 2 arguments. Two arguments are required to 'add' and 'remove' bans, these are either 'add' or 'remove' and the name of the player you'd like to add or remove a ban from. So, to unban steven44, you'd type '/banlist remove steven44'. If you're thinking this is exactly the same as the /ban and /unban commands, you're completely right. The /ban and /unban commands are simply shorter versions of this command.

The other two functions of the /banlist command are /banlist get and /banlist clear. These are quite self explanitory, but we've detailed their usage below:

  • /banlist get - this will send you a message with a list of names of all players who are banned
  • /banlist clear - this will unban all players (clear the ban list)

Those are the only commands you need to ban players in Factorio - pretty simple right?

Mute-related Commands

Muting is quite similar to banning in Factorio - it's actually a little easier. The commands /mute [player name] and /unmute [player name] are used to mute and unmute players. If you wanted to mute the user 'steven44', you'd simply type '/mute steven44', unmuting works in the same fashion.

To see a list of all mutes on the server, type /mutes. That's all there is to muting!

Other Useful Commands for Moderation

Mutes and bans aren't appropriate for every moderation task. Some other useful tools are detailed below.

Purging / Clearing Messages

Let's say the user 'steven44' has been acting up in chat, saying lots of inappropriate things that the innocent eyes of everyone else on the server shouldn't be subjected to. This sort of situation is when the /purge command comes in very handy. Typing '/purge steven44' would remove all previously sent messages from the chat log by this user - it's that simple! If you wanted to issue a warning you might need to know how to go about...

Kicking Players

The kick command is used to kick players from Factorio servers. If you wanted to kick 'steven44', you would type the command '/kick steven44'. You can specify a reason after the initial command, so '/kick steven44 Inappropriate messages' would kick the user 'steven44' from the server with the kick message 'Inappropriate messages'.

If you've reached this part of the blog post, you're definitely well-enough equipped to wander into the realm of moderation in Factorio. Goodluck in your future moderation endeavours. Note: no steven44's were harmed in the making of this blog post. You can find a list of all Factorio commands here.


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