Starbound Item ID List

Find below a searchable list of all Starbound Item IDs from the latest version of Starbound (1.3.3) on Steam (PC / Mac).

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Image Name Code
Avian Anatomy Trousers Avian Anatomy Trousers anatomyavianlegs
Anatomy Shirt Anatomy Shirt anatomychest
Human Anatomy Mask Human Anatomy Mask anatomyhead
Hylotl Anatomy Mask Hylotl Anatomy Mask anatomyhylotlhead
Human Anatomy Trousers Human Anatomy Trousers anatomylegs
Anchor Anchor anchor
Ancient Block Ancient Block ancientblock
Ancient Bones Ancient Bones ancientbones
Ancient Boulder Trap Ancient Boulder Trap ancientbouldertrap
Ancient Brick Ancient Brick ancientbrick
Ancient Bust Ancient Bust ancientbust
Ancient Chest Ancient Chest ancientchest
Ancient Console Ancient Console ancientconsole
Ancient Crystal Trap Ancient Crystal Trap ancientcrystaltrap
Ancient Door Ancient Door ancientdoor
Ancient Flame Trap Ancient Flame Trap ancientflametrap
Ancient Gate Ancient Gate ancientgate
Ancient Hidden Platform Ancient Hidden Platform ancienthiddenplatform
Ancient Ice Trap Ancient Ice Trap ancienticetrap
Ancient Wall Light Ancient Wall Light ancientlight
Ancient Light Platform Ancient Light Platform ancientlightplatform
Round Ancient Wall Light Round Ancient Wall Light ancientlightround
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural1
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural2
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural3
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural4
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural5
Ancient Mural Ancient Mural ancientmural6
Ancient Pillar Ancient Pillar ancientpillar
Ancient Plaque Ancient Plaque ancientplaque1
Ancient Platform Ancient Platform ancientplatform
Ornamental Ancient Pot Ornamental Ancient Pot ancientpot1
Rounded Ancient Pot Rounded Ancient Pot ancientpot2
Wide Ancient Pot Wide Ancient Pot ancientpot3
Decorative Ancient Pot Decorative Ancient Pot ancientpot4
Tall Ancient Pot Tall Ancient Pot ancientpot5
Small Ancient Pot Small Ancient Pot ancientpot6
Ancient Pressure Plate Ancient Pressure Plate ancientpressureplate
TODO - Ancient Prop TODO - Ancient Prop ancientprop
Ancient Console Ancient Console ancientsmallconsole
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight1
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight10
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight11
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight12
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight13
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight2
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight3
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight4
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight5
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight6
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight7
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight8
Ancient Strip Light Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight9
Ancient Hidden Switch Ancient Hidden Switch ancientswitchhidden
Ancient Torch Ancient Torch ancienttorch
Ancient Hatch Ancient Hatch ancientverticaldoor
AND Switch AND Switch and
Anglure Figurine Anglure Figurine anglureaf
Antenna Antenna antenna
Basic Anvil Basic Anvil anvil
Ape Grapes Ape Grapes apegrapes
Big Ape Poster Big Ape Poster apexapesign
Wooden Aquarium Wooden Aquarium apexaquarium1
Empty Wooden Aquarium Empty Wooden Aquarium apexaquarium2
Standard Issue Armchair Standard Issue Armchair apexarmchair
Apex Artifact Altar Apex Artifact Altar apexartifactaltar
Banana Propaganda Poster Banana Propaganda Poster apexbananasign
Standard Issue Bed Standard Issue Bed apexbed
Bloodbank Bloodbank apexbloodbank
Brain in a Jar Brain in a Jar apexbrainjar
Apex Male Bust Apex Male Bust apexbustmale
Apex Captain's Chair Apex Captain's Chair apexcaptainschair
Flickering Ceiling TV Flickering Ceiling TV apexceilingtv
Standard Issue Seat Standard Issue Seat apexcomfychair
Commander Jacket Commander Jacket apexcommanderjacket
Commander Trousers Commander Trousers apexcommanderpants
Research Terminal Research Terminal apexconsole1
Console Keyboard Console Keyboard apexconsolekeyboard
Cool Bookcase Cool Bookcase apexcoolbookcase
Cool Chair Cool Chair apexcoolchair
Cool Computer Cool Computer apexcoolcomputer
Cool Cupboard Cool Cupboard apexcoolcupboard
Cool Desk Cool Desk apexcooldesk
Security Door Security Door apexcooldoor
Cool Server Cool Server apexcoolserver
Cool Empty Shelf Cool Empty Shelf apexcoolshelf1
Cool Chemical Shelf Cool Chemical Shelf apexcoolshelf2
Cool Table Cool Table apexcooltable
Standard Issue Couch Standard Issue Couch apexcouch
Standard Issue Cabinet Standard Issue Cabinet apexcounter1
Standard Issue Counter Standard Issue Counter apexcounter2
Standard Issue Curtain Standard Issue Curtain apexcurtain
Standard Issue Desk Standard Issue Desk apexdesk
Do Not Enter Sign Do Not Enter Sign apexdonotenter
Apex Lantern Apex Lantern apexfightlantern
Ape Flu Poster Ape Flu Poster apexflusign
Apex Skull Apex Skull apexfossil1
Apex Torso Apex Torso apexfossil2
Apex Legs Apex Legs apexfossil3
Standard Issue Fridge Standard Issue Fridge apexfridge