Starbound Quest IDs

Find below a searchable list of all quest IDs from Starbound. See our quest cheats guide for help using these IDs to complete and restart quests. If you play other games, you may also be interested in checking out Skyrim quest IDs.

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Quest Name Quest ID
Getting Started gaterepair
Become Space-worthy shiprepair
Erchius Mining Facility human_mission1
Visit The Outpost outpostclue
Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact floran_mission1
Fetch the Floran Artifact floran_mission2
Find Clues to Locate the Hylotl Artifact hylotl_mission1
Fetch the Hylotl Artifact hylotl_mission2
Find Clues to Locate the Avian Artifact avian_mission1
Fetch the Avian Artifact avian_mission2
Find Clues to Locate the Apex Artifact apex_mission1
Fetch the Apex Artifact apex_mission2
Find Clues to Locate the Glitch Artifact glitch_mission1
Fetch the Glitch Artifact glitch_mission2
Opening the Ark destroyruin
The Protectorate protectorate
Boot Up bootship
The Glory That's Inside floranarena2
Arena of Fire floranarena3
Koichi's Request museumcurator1
The Ruler of the Apex museumcurator2
The Visage of a Hunter museumcurator3
Silent Knight museumcurator4
Fresh Tunes museumcurator5
The Final Acquisition museumcurator6
Dreadwing the Penguin (Quest) penguin1
Dreadwing the Penguin (Quest) penguin2
The Hero's Forge protectoratesword
Shady Sparrow Ship Upgrade illegalshipupgrade1
Questionable Kestrel Ship Upgrade illegalshipupgrade2
Fishy Falcon Ship Upgrade illegalshipupgrade3
Illicit Eagle Ship Upgrade illegalshipupgrade4
Crooked Condor Ship Upgrade illegalshipupgrade5
Sparrow Ship Upgrade shipupgrade1
Kestrel Ship Upgrade shipupgrade2
Falcon Ship Upgrade shipupgrade3
Eagle Ship Upgrade shipupgrade4
Condor Ship Upgrade shipupgrade5
techscientist1 techscientist1
techscientist2 techscientist2
techscientist3 techscientist3
techscientist4 techscientist4
techscientist5 techscientist5
techscientist6 techscientist6
techscientist6 techscientist6
techscientist6 techscientist6