Valheim NPC / Character Codes

Find below a searchable list of all character IDs from Valheim. Characters include animals, monsters, and other miscellaneous entities .These IDs are used with the spawn command to spawn NPCs into the game.

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Image Name Code
Abomination Abomination Abomination
Bat Bat Bat
Blob Blob Blob
BlobElite BlobElite BlobElite
BlobTar BlobTar BlobTar
Boar Boar Boar
Boar_piggy Boar_piggy Boar_piggy
Bonemass Bonemass Bonemass
Chicken Chicken Chicken
Deathsquito Deathsquito Deathsquito
Deer Deer Deer
Dragon Dragon Dragon
Draugr Draugr Draugr
Draugr_Elite Draugr_Elite Draugr_Elite
Draugr_Ranged Draugr_Ranged Draugr_Ranged
Dverger Dverger Dverger
DvergerMage DvergerMage DvergerMage
DvergerMageFire DvergerMageFire DvergerMageFire
DvergerMageIce DvergerMageIce DvergerMageIce
DvergerMageSupport DvergerMageSupport DvergerMageSupport
DvergerTest DvergerTest DvergerTest
Eikthyr Eikthyr Eikthyr
Fenring Fenring Fenring
Fenring_Cultist Fenring_Cultist Fenring_Cultist
gd_king gd_king gd_king
Ghost Ghost Ghost
Gjall Gjall Gjall
Goblin Goblin Goblin
GoblinArcher GoblinArcher GoblinArcher
GoblinBrute GoblinBrute GoblinBrute
GoblinKing GoblinKing GoblinKing
GoblinShaman GoblinShaman GoblinShaman
Greydwarf Greydwarf Greydwarf
Greydwarf_Elite Greydwarf_Elite Greydwarf_Elite
Greydwarf_Shaman Greydwarf_Shaman Greydwarf_Shaman
Greyling Greyling Greyling
Hare Hare Hare
Hatchling Hatchling Hatchling
Hen Hen Hen
Hive Hive Hive
Leech Leech Leech
Leech_cave Leech_cave Leech_cave
Lox Lox Lox
Lox_Calf Lox_Calf Lox_Calf
Mistile Mistile Mistile
Neck Neck Neck
Player Player Player
Seeker Seeker Seeker
SeekerBrood SeekerBrood SeekerBrood
SeekerBrute SeekerBrute SeekerBrute
SeekerQueen SeekerQueen SeekerQueen
Serpent Serpent Serpent
Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton
Skeleton_Friendly Skeleton_Friendly Skeleton_Friendly
Skeleton_NoArcher Skeleton_NoArcher Skeleton_NoArcher
Skeleton_Poison Skeleton_Poison Skeleton_Poison
StoneGolem StoneGolem StoneGolem
Surtling Surtling Surtling
TentaRoot TentaRoot TentaRoot
TheHive TheHive TheHive
Tick Tick Tick
TrainingDummy TrainingDummy TrainingDummy
Troll Troll Troll
Ulv Ulv Ulv
Wolf Wolf Wolf
Wolf_cub Wolf_cub Wolf_cub
Wraith Wraith Wraith