Valheim Item Code List

Find below a searchable list of all 1139 Valheim Item IDs from the latest version of the game on Gamepass and Steam (PC).

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Image Name Code
Amber Amber Amber
Amber pearl Amber pearl AmberPearl
Ancient seed Ancient seed AncientSeed
Bronze plate cuirass Bronze plate cuirass ArmorBronzeChest
Bronze plate leggings Bronze plate leggings ArmorBronzeLegs
Iron scale mail Iron scale mail ArmorIronChest
Iron greaves Iron greaves ArmorIronLegs
Leather tunic Leather tunic ArmorLeatherChest
Leather pants Leather pants ArmorLeatherLegs
Padded cuirass Padded cuirass ArmorPaddedCuirass
Padded greaves Padded greaves ArmorPaddedGreaves
Rag tunic Rag tunic ArmorRagsChest
Rag pants Rag pants ArmorRagsLegs
Troll leather tunic Troll leather tunic ArmorTrollLeatherChest
Troll leather pants Troll leather pants ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
Wolf armor chest Wolf armor chest ArmorWolfChest
Wolf armor legs Wolf armor legs ArmorWolfLegs
Bronzehead arrow Bronzehead arrow ArrowBronze
Fire arrow Fire arrow ArrowFire
Flinthead arrow Flinthead arrow ArrowFlint
Frost arrow Frost arrow ArrowFrost
Ironhead arrow Ironhead arrow ArrowIron
Needle arrow Needle arrow ArrowNeedle
Obsidian arrow Obsidian arrow ArrowObsidian
Poison arrow Poison arrow ArrowPoison
Silver arrow Silver arrow ArrowSilver
Wood arrow Wood arrow ArrowWood
Blackmetal atgeir Blackmetal atgeir AtgeirBlackmetal
Bronze atgeir Bronze atgeir AtgeirBronze
Iron atgeir Iron atgeir AtgeirIron
Barley Barley Barley
Barley flour Barley flour BarleyFlour
Fire resistance barley wine Fire resistance barley wine BarleyWine
Barley wine base: Fire resistance Barley wine base: Fire resistance BarleyWineBase
Battleaxe Battleaxe Battleaxe
Beech seeds Beech seeds BeechSeeds
Black metal Black metal BlackMetal
Black metal scrap Black metal scrap BlackMetalScrap
Bloodbag Bloodbag Bloodbag
Bone fragments Bone fragments BoneFragments
Crude bow Crude bow Bow
Draugr fang Draugr fang BowDraugrFang
Finewood bow Finewood bow BowFineWood
Huntsman bow Huntsman bow BowHuntsman
Bronze Bronze Bronze
Bronze nails Bronze nails BronzeNails
Deer hide cape Deer hide cape CapeDeerHide
Linen cape Linen cape CapeLinen
Lox cape Lox cape CapeLox
Cape of Odin Cape of Odin CapeOdin
Troll hide cape Troll hide cape CapeTrollHide
Wolf fur cape Wolf fur cape CapeWolf
Carrot seeds Carrot seeds CarrotSeeds
Chitin Chitin Chitin
Club Club Club
Coal Coal Coal
Coins Coins Coins
Copper Copper Copper
Copper ore Copper ore CopperOre
Swamp key Swamp key CryptKey
Crystal Crystal Crystal
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion
Deer hide Deer hide DeerHide
Dragon egg Dragon egg DragonEgg
Dragon tear Dragon tear DragonTear
Ancient bark Ancient bark ElderBark
Entrails Entrails Entrails
Feathers Feathers Feathers
Fine wood Fine wood FineWood
Fir cone Fir cone FirCone
Fishing bait Fishing bait FishingBait
Raw fish Raw fish FishRaw
Fish wraps Fish wraps FishWraps
Flametal Flametal Flametal
Flametal ore Flametal ore FlametalOre
Flax Flax Flax
Flint Flint Flint
Freeze gland Freeze gland FreezeGland
Greydwarf eye Greydwarf eye GreydwarfEye
Guck Guck Guck
Hard antler Hard antler HardAntler
Bronze helmet Bronze helmet HelmetBronze
Drake helmet Drake helmet HelmetDrake
Iron helmet HelmetIron
Leather helmet Leather helmet HelmetLeather
Padded helmet Padded helmet HelmetPadded
Troll leather helmet Troll leather helmet HelmetTrollLeather
Iron Iron Iron
Iron nails Iron nails IronNails
Scrap iron Scrap iron IronScrap
Blackmetal knife Blackmetal knife KnifeBlackMetal
Copper knife Copper knife KnifeCopper
Flint knife Flint knife KnifeFlint
Leather scraps Leather scraps LeatherScraps
Linen thread Linen thread LinenThread
Lox meat Lox meat LoxMeat
Lox pelt Lox pelt LoxPelt
Lox meat pie Lox meat pie LoxPie
Bronze mace Bronze mace MaceBronze