Valheim Appearance IDs List

Below is an up-to-date, searchable list of all 41 Appearance item codes from the latest version Valheim on Gamepass and Steam (PC).

This category includes different hairstyles and beards that you can apply to your character.

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Image Name Code
Long 1 Beard1
Braided 4 Beard10
Thick 2 Beard11
Royal 1 Beard12
Royal 2 Beard13
Braided 5 Beard14
Short 4 Beard15
Stonedweller Beard16
Long 2 Beard2
Short 1 Beard3
Short 2 Beard4
Braided 1 Beard5
Braided 2 Beard6
Short 3 Beard7
Thick 1 Beard8
Braided 3 Beard9
No beard BeardNone
Ponytail 1 Hair1
Side Swept 2 Hair10
Braided 2 Hair11
Braided 3 Hair12
Braided 4 Hair13
Side Swept 3 Hair14
Pulled back curls Hair15
Gathered braids Hair16
Neat braids Hair17
Royal braids Hair18
Curls 1 Hair19
Ponytail 2 Hair2
Curls 2 Hair20
Twin buns Hair21
Single bun Hair22
Short curls Hair23
Braided 1 Hair3
Ponytail 3 Hair4
Short 1 Hair5
Long 1 Hair6
Ponytail 4 Hair7
Short 2 Hair8
Side Swept 1 Hair9
No hair HairNone