Witcher 3 Addabl Command

This command will give you the buff with the specified buff ID. The buff ID should be in apostrophes: addabl('ForceCriticalHits') is correct, addabl(ForceCriticalHits) is not. Use rmvabl to remove a buff. Find a list of all buff IDs at commands.gg/witcher3/buffs.

Addabl Syntax

The syntax for the addabl command is as follows:

addabl('Buff ID')

This command has the following arguments:

'Buff ID'The ID of the buff you wish to add, in apostrophes. View our list of all buff IDs at commands.gg/witcher3/buffs.

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Addabl Examples

Find below working examples of the addabl command.


Running the above command would give your character the "Force Critical Hits" buff, which results in a 100% chance of a critical hit every time you attack.


Provided you are Ciri, this console command will give you an extra 2,5000 Vitality, and add another 800 attack power.