Witcher 3 Buff IDs

Find below a searchable list of all buff codes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for use with the addabl and rmvabl console commands.

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Name Code
+200 Attack Power, +200 Spell Power addabl('DamageBuff')
Always Critical Hit addabl('ForceCriticalHits')
100% Chance of Finisher addabl('ForceFinisher')
100% Chance of Dismemberment addabl('ForceDismemberment')
+1000 Vitality, +100 Stamina, Increased Stamina Regeneration addabl('ConAthletic')
+99,800 Vitality addabl('ConImmortal')
Increased Aim Duration addabl('StatsRangedSuperLame')
+2% Sign Intensity (Geralt) addabl('Rune veles lesser _Stats')
+3% Sign Intensity (Geralt) addabl('Rune veles _Stats')
+5% Sign Intensity (Geralt) addabl('Rune veles greater _Stats')
+1 Horse Bag (Increases Carry Weight) addabl('HorseBag1')
+1 Horse Bag 2 (Increases Carry Weight) addabl('HorseBag2')
+1 Horse Bag 3 (Increases Carry Weight) addabl('HorseBag3')
Blink Ability (Ciri) addabl('CiriBlink')
Charge Ability (Ciri) addabl('CiriCharge')
Charge Ability (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Rage')
+250 Vitality (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Q205')
+500 Vitality, +100 Attack Power (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Q305')
+2,000 Vitality, +500 Attack Power (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Q403')
+2,500 Vitality, +600 Attack Power (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Q111')
+2,500 Vitality, +800 Attack Power (Ciri) addabl('Ciri_Q501')