Witcher 3 NPC Spawn Codes

Find below a list of all 337 NPC spawn codes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam (PC / Mac). The spawn codes in this list include those for characters, animals, monsters, bosses and others.

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Name Code
witcher spawn('witcher')
vesemir spawn('vesemir')
yennefer spawn('yennefer')
triss spawn('triss')
keira spawn('keira')
grenn spawn('grenn')
cirilla spawn('cirilla')
zoltan spawn('zoltan')
sorceress spawn('sorceress')
witch1 spawn('witch1')
witch_1 spawn('witch_1')
witch2 spawn('witch2')
witch_2 spawn('witch_2')
witch3 spawn('witch3')
witch_3 spawn('witch_3')
witch_q105 spawn('witch_q105')
eredin spawn('eredin')
imlerith spawn('imlerith')
caranthir spawn('caranthir')
fists spawn('fists')
fists_medium spawn('fists_medium')
fists_hard spawn('fists_hard')
shield spawn('shield')
shield_axe spawn('shield_axe')
shield_mace spawn('shield_mace')
shield_hard spawn('shield_hard')
hammer2h spawn('hammer2h')
hammer2h_hard spawn('hammer2h_hard')
axe2h spawn('axe2h')
halberd2h spawn('halberd2h')
spear2h spawn('spear2h')
bow spawn('bow')
bow_hard spawn('bow_hard')
sword1h spawn('sword1h')
sword1h_easy spawn('sword1h_easy')
sword1h_hard spawn('sword1h_hard')
sword1h_super_hard spawn('sword1h_super_hard')
axe1h spawn('axe1h')
axe1h_hard spawn('axe1h_hard')
club1h spawn('club1h')
club1h_hard spawn('club1h_hard')
1hand spawn('1hand')
1handed spawn('1handed')
sword2h spawn('sword2h')
shortsword_hard spawn('shortsword_hard')
bowman spawn('bowman')
bowman_hard spawn('bowman_hard')
xbow spawn('xbow')
rider spawn('rider')
shovel_test spawn('shovel_test')