Witcher 3 Animal NPC Code List

Below is a searchable list of Animal spawn codes and spawn commands from Witcher 3. Examples of animals include chickens, bats, goats and cows.

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All Witcher 3 NPC Spawn Codes

Name Code
bat spawn('bat')
cat spawn('cat')
chicken spawn('chicken')
cow spawn('cow')
crab spawn('crab')
crow spawn('crow')
deer spawn('deer')
dog spawn('dog')
fish_kingfish spawn('fish_kingfish')
fish_mackerel spawn('fish_mackerel')
fish_roach spawn('fish_roach')
fish_tuna spawn('fish_tuna')
goat spawn('goat')
goose spawn('goose')
goose_leader spawn('goose_leader')
hare spawn('hare')
mountain_goat spawn('mountain_goat')
owl spawn('owl')
pig spawn('pig')
pigeon spawn('pigeon')
ram spawn('ram')
rat spawn('rat')
rooster spawn('rooster')
seagull spawn('seagull')
sheep spawn('sheep')
snow_deer spawn('snow_deer')
snow_rabbit spawn('snow_rabbit')
sparrow spawn('sparrow')
swallow spawn('swallow')
toad spawn('toad')
whale spawn('whale')