Witcher 3 Monster (Enemy) NPC Code List

Below is a searchable list of Monster spawn codes and spawn commands from Witcher 3. This category includes any hostile creature that isn't an animal, e.g. trolls, ice giants and wyverns.

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All Witcher 3 NPC Spawn Codes

Name Code
ice_giant spawn('ice_giant')
icegiant spawn('icegiant')
siren spawn('siren')
bees spawn('bees')
black_troll spawn('black_troll')
blacktroll spawn('blacktroll')
cave_troll spawn('cave_troll')
cavetroll spawn('cavetroll')
cockatrice spawn('cockatrice')
troll spawn('troll')
troll_black spawn('troll_black')
djinn spawn('djinn')
drowner spawn('drowner')
ddead spawn('ddead')
drowneddead spawn('drowneddead')
drowned_dead spawn('drowned_dead')
nekker spawn('nekker')
nekker_warrior spawn('nekker_warrior')
bies spawn('bies')
lessog spawn('lessog')
leszy spawn('leszy')
leshy spawn('leshy')
leshen spawn('leshen')
lessun spawn('lessun')
dao spawn('dao')
ifryt spawn('ifryt')
ifrit spawn('ifrit')
golem spawn('golem')
arachas spawn('arachas')
arachas_armored spawn('arachas_armored')
armoredarachas spawn('armoredarachas')
arachas_poison spawn('arachas_poison')
poisonarachas spawn('poisonarachas')
poisonedarachas spawn('poisonedarachas')
warewolf spawn('warewolf')
werewolf spawn('werewolf')
lycanthrope spawn('lycanthrope')
lycan spawn('lycan')
endriaga spawn('endriaga')
endrega spawn('endrega')
endriaga_worker spawn('endriaga_worker')
endriaga_tailed spawn('endriaga_tailed')
endriaga_spikey spawn('endriaga_spikey')
wight spawn('wight')
wyvern spawn('wyvern')
basilisk spawn('basilisk')
harpy spawn('harpy')
gryphon spawn('gryphon')
griffon spawn('griffon')
wolf spawn('wolf')