XCOM 2 AddItem ID List

Find below a searchable list of all 202 XCOM 2 item IDs, along with documentation for the AddItem command to use these with.

XCOM 2 Cheats

AddItem Command Documentation

additem [item id] [amount] Avenger

This console command will give you the item with the specified ID. You can optionally specify an amount of the item that you wish to add. See IDs at commands.gg/xcom2/additem.

Item IDThe item ID of the item you wish to add.
AmountThe amount of the item that you wish to give yourself.


Find below working examples of the AddItem command.

AddItem Shotgun_BM 1

The item ID for the Storm Shotgun is 'Shotgun_BM'. This console command would give you 1 Storm Shotgun.

AddItem CritUpgrade_sup 2

"CritUpgrade_sup" is the cheat code for the Superior Laser Sight item. As the amount 2 has been specified, this command would give you two superior laser sights.

Item Name Item ID
Alien Alloys AlienAlloy
Elerium Core EleriumCore
Elerium Crystals EleriumDust
Intel Intel
Supplies Supplies
Magnetic Rifle AssaultRifle_MG
Plasma Rifle AssaultRifle_BM
Mag Cannon Cannon_MG
Beam Cannon Cannon_BM
GREMLIN Mark II Gremlin_MG
Mag Pistol Pistol_MG
Beam Pistol Pistol_BM
Advanced Psi Amp PsiAmp_MG
Alien Psi Amp PsiAmp_BM
Shard Shotgun Shotgun_MG
Storm Shotgun Shotgun_BM
Gauss Rifle SniperRifle_MG
Plasma Lance SniperRifle_BM
Arc Blade Sword_MG
Fusion Blade Sword_BM
Advanced Grenade Launcher GrenadeLauncher_MG
Blaster Launcher BlasterLauncher
Flamethrower Flamethrower
Hellfire Porjector FlamethrowerMk2
Plasma Blaster PlasmaBlaster
Shredder Gun ShredderGun
Shredstorm Cannon ShredstormCannon
Plasma Grenade AlienGrenade
Acid Grenade AcidGrenade
Acid Bomb AcidGrenadeMk2
EMP Grenade EMPGrenade
EMP Bomb EMPGrenadeMk2
Incendiary Grenade Firebomb
Incendiary Bomb FirebombMk2
Flashbang Grenade FlashbangGrenade
Gas Grenade GasGrenade
Gas Bomb GasGrenadeMk2
Proximity Mine ProximityMine
Smoke Grenade SmokeGrenade
Smoke Bomb SmokeGrenadeMk2
AP Rounds ApRounds
Bluescreen Rounds BluescreenRounds
Dragon Rounds IncendiaryRounds
Talon Rounds TalonRounds
Tracer Rounds TracerRounds
Venom Rounds VenomRounds
Hazmat Vest HazmatVest
Hellweave Hellweave
Nanoscale Vest NanoFibreVest
Plated Vest PlatedVest
Stasis Vest StasisVest
EXO Suit HeavyPlatedArmor
Spider Suit LightPlatedArmor
Predator Armor MediumPlatedArmor
W.A.R. Suit HeavyPoweredArmor
Wraith Suit LightPoweredArmor
Warden Armor MediumPoweredArmor
Battle Scanner BattleScanner
Overdrive Serum CombatStims
Medikit Medikit
Mind Shield MindShield
Mimic Beacon MimicBeacon
Nanomedikit NanoMedikit
Skulljack Skulljack
Advent MEC Wreck CorpseAdventMEC
Advent Officer Corpse CorpseAdventOfficer
Avatar Corpse CorpseAdventPsiWitch
Advent Shieldbearer Corpse CorpseAdventShieldbearer
Advent Stun Lancer Corpse CorpseAdventStunLancer
Advent Trooper Corpse CorpseAdventTrooper
Advent Turret Wreck CorpseAdventTurret
Andromedon Corpse CorpseAndromedon
Archon Corpse CorpseArchon
Berserker Corpse CorpseBerserker
Chryssalid Corpse CorpseChryssalid
Codex Brain CorpseCyberus
Faceless Corpse CorpseFaceless
Gatekeeper Corpse CorpseGatekeeper
Muton Corpse CorpseMuton
Sectoid Corpse CorpseSectoid
Sectopod Corpse CorpseSectopod
Viper Corpse CorpseViper
Advanced Scope AimUpgrade_adv
Scope AimUpgrade_bsc
Superior Scope AimUpgrade_sup
Advanced Expanded Magazine ClipsizeUpgrade_adv
Expanded Magazine ClipsizeUpgrade_bsc
Superior Expanded Magazine ClipsizeUpgrade_sup
Advanced Laser Sight CritUpgrade_adv
Laser Sight CritUpgrade_bsc
Superior Laser Sight CritUpgrade_sup
Advanced Hair Trigger FreeFireUpgrade_adv
Hair Trigger FreeFireUpgrade_bsc
Superior Hair Trigger FreeFireUpgrade_sup
Advanced Repeater FreeKillUpgrade_adv
Repeater FreeKillUpgrade_bsc
Superior Repeater FreeKillUpgrade_sup
Advanced Stock MissDamageUpgrade_adv
Stock MissDamageUpgrade_bsc
Superior Stock MissDamageUpgrade_sup
Advanced Auto-Loader ReloadUpgrade_adv
Auto-Loader ReloadUpgrade_bsc
Superior Auto-Loader ReloadUpgrade_sup
Agility CommonPCSAgility
Conditioning CommonPCSConditioning
Focus CommonPCSFocus
Perception CommonPCSPerception
Speed CommonPCSSpeed
Epic Agility EpicPCSAgility
Epic Conditioning EpicPCSConditioning
Epic Focus EpicPCSFocus
Epic Perception EpicPCSPerception
Epic Speed EpicPCSSpeed
Advanced Agility RarePCSAgility
Advanced Conditioning RarePCSConditioning
Advanced Focus RarePCSFocus
Advanced Perception RarePCSPerception
Advanced Speed RarePCSSpeed
SPARK BIT Shen's Last Gift SparkBit_CV
SPARK BIT Mark II Shen's Last Gift SparkBit_MG
SPARK BIT Mark III Shen's Last Gift SparkBit_BM
Hunter’s Axe Alien Hunters AlienHunterAxe_CV
Ionic Axe Alien Hunters AlienHunterAxe_MG
Fusion Axe Alien Hunters AlienHunterAxe_BM
Shadowkeeper Alien Hunters AlienHunterPistol_CV
Enhanced Shadowkeeper Alien Hunters AlienHunterPistol_MG
Powered Shadowkeeper Alien Hunters AlienHunterPistol_BM
Bolt Caster Alien Hunters AlienHunterRifle_CV
Magnetic Bolt Caster Alien Hunters AlienHunterRifle_MG
Powered Bolt Caster Alien Hunters AlienHunterRifle_BM
Frost Bomb Alien Hunters Frostbomb
R.A.G.E. Suit Alien Hunters HeavyAlienArmor
R.A.G.E. Armor Alien Hunters HeavyAlienArmorMk2
Serpent Suit Alien Hunters LightAlienArmor
Serpent Armor Alien Hunters LightAlienArmorMk2
Icarus Armor Alien Hunters MediumAlienArmor
Icarus Armor (Grounds Upgrade) Alien Hunters MediumAlienArmorMk2
Archon King Corpse Alien Hunters CorpseArchonKing
Berserker Queen Corpse Alien Hunters CorpseBerserkerQueen
Viper King Corpse Alien Hunters CorpseViperKing
Ability Point WOTC Abilitypoint
Disruptor Rifle WOTC ChosenRifle_XCOM
Arashi WOTC ChosenShotgun_XCOM
Darkclaw WOTC ChosenSniperPistol_XCOM
Darklance WOTC ChosenSniperRifle_XCOM
Katana WOTC ChosenSword_XCOM
Claymore WOTC Reaper_Claymore
Temnotic Rifle WOTC VektorRifle_MG
Shadow Lance WOTC VektorRifle_BM
Kal-15 Bullpup WOTC Bullpup_MG
Kal-90 Bullpup WOTC Bullpup_BM
Ionic Ripjack WOTC WristBlade_MG
Fusion Ripjack WOTC WristBlade_BM
Tempest Gauntlets WOTC ShardGauntlet_MG
Celestial Gauntlets WOTC ShardGauntlet_BM
Plated Reaper Armor WOTC PlatedReaperArmor
Powered Reaper Armor WOTC PoweredReaperArmor
Plated Skirmisher Armor WOTC PlatedSkirmisherArmor
Powered Skirmisher Armor WOTC PoweredSkirmisherArmor
Plated Templar Armor WOTC PlatedTemplarArmor
Powered Templar Armor WOTC PoweredTemplarArmor
Refraction Field WOTC RefractionField
Sustaining Sphere WOTC SustainingSphere
Ultrasonic Lure WOTC UltrasonicLure
Advent Priest Corpse WOTC CorpseAdventPriest
Advent Purifier Corpse WOTC CorpseAdventPurifier
Spectre Corpse WOTC CorpseSpectre
The Lost Corpse WOTC CorpseTheLost
Old-world Assault Rifle WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_AssaultRifle_CV
Improvised Magnetic Rifle WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_AssaultRifle_MG
Prototype Plasma Rifle WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_AssaultRifle_BM
Light machine Gun WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Cannon_CV
Magnetic Support Cannon WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Cannon_MG
Energy Cannon WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Cannon_BM
Traditional Handgun WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Pistol_CV
Rail Pistol WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Pistol_MG
Energy Pistol WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Pistol_BM
Marksman Rifle WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_SniperRifle_CV
Anti-Materiel Rifle WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_SniperRifle_MG
Energy AMR WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_SniperRifle_BM
Scattergun WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Shotgun_CV
Augmented Shotgun WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Shotgun_MG
Energy Sweeper WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Shotgun_BM
Traditional Sword WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Sword_CV
Experimental Blade WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Sword_MG
Advanced Blade WOTC: Tactical Legacy TLE_Sword_BM
Improvised Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy RangerKevlarArmor
Enhanced Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy RangerPlatedArmor
Powered Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy RangerPoweredArmor
Improvised Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SpecialistKevlarArmor
Enhanced Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SpecialistPlatedArmor
Powered Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SpecialistPoweredArmor
Improvised Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy GrenadierKevlarArmor
Enhanced Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy GrenadierPlatedArmor
Powered Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy GrenadierPoweredArmor
Improvised Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SharpshooterKevlarArmor
Enhanced Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SharpshooterPlatedArmor
Powered Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy SharpshooterPoweredArmor
Improvised Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy PsiOperativeKevlarArmor
Enhanced Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy PsiOperativePlatedArmor
Powered Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical Legacy PsiOperativePoweredArmor