XCOM 2 GiveContinentBonus Documentation

Below is a list of all 14 XCOM 2 GiveContinentBonus IDs. You can also find documentation for the GiveContinentBonus console command below, which includes useful examples.

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GiveContinentBonus Command Documentation

givecontinentbonus [continent bonus id] Avenger

This console command will give you the specified continent bonus. See continent bonus IDs at commands.gg/xcom2/givecontinentbonus.

Continent Bonus IDThe ID of the continent bonus that you wish to give yourself.


Find below working examples of the GiveContinentBonus command.

GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_AllIn

This console command would give you the All In continent bonus (which has the ID ContinentBonus_AllIn).

GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_SpyRing

The above console command would give you the Spy Ring continent bonus.

Continent Bonus Name Continent Bonus ID
All In ContinentBonus_AllIn
Armed To The Teeth ContinentBonus_ArmedToTheTeeth
Fire When Ready ContinentBonus_FireWhenReady
Future Combat ContinentBonus_FutureCombat
Helping Hand ContinentBonus_HelpingHand
Hidden Reserves ContinentBonus_HiddenReserves
Lock And Load ContinentBonus_LockAndLoad
Pursuit Of Knowledge ContinentBonus_PursuitOfKnowledge
Quid Pro Quo ContinentBonus_QuidProQuo
Spare Parts ContinentBonus_SpareParts
Spy Ring ContinentBonus_SpyRing
Suit Up ContinentBonus_SuitUp
To Serve Mankind ContinentBonus_ToServeMankind
Under The Table ContinentBonus_UnderTheTable