XCOM 2 GiveHackReward ID List

Below is a list of all 50 reward codes for use with the GiveHackReward command, along with help for how to use the command.

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GiveHackReward Command Documentation

givehackreward [hack reward id] Mission

This console command will give you the hack reward with the specified ID. See IDs at commands.gg/xcom2/givehackreward.

Hack Reward IDThe ID of the hack reward you wish to give yourself.


Find below working examples of the GiveHackReward command.

GiveHackReward Blitz_T2

This command would give you the Tier 2 Blitz hack reward.

GiveHackReward Hypnography_T1

The above console command would give you the Tier 1 Hypnography hack perk.

Hack Reward Hack Reward ID
Blitz_T1 Blitz_T1
Blitz_T2 Blitz_T2
DisguisedSignals_T1 DisguisedSignals_T1
DisguisedSignals_T2 DisguisedSignals_T2
IntegratedComms_T1 IntegratedComms_T1
IntegratedComms_T2 IntegratedComms_T2
Targeting_AimAndCrit_T1 Targeting_AimAndCrit_T1
Targeting_AimAndCrit_T2 Targeting_AimAndCrit_T2
Targeting_Dodge_T1 Targeting_Dodge_T1
Targeting_Dodge_T2 Targeting_Dodge_T2
Targeting_Crit_T2 Targeting_Crit_T2
Targeting_Crit_T2 Targeting_Crit_T2
VideoFeed_T1 VideoFeed_T1
VideoFeed_T2 VideoFeed_T2
Hypnography_T1 Hypnography_T1
Hypnography_T2 Hypnography_T2
Override_T1 Override_T1
Override_T2 Override_T2
Distortion_T1 Distortion_T1
Distortion_T2 Distortion_T2
Deception_T1 Deception_T1
Deception_T2 Deception_T2
Intrusion_T1 Intrusion_T1
Intrusion_T2 Intrusion_T2
Disorient_T1 Disorient_T1
Disorient_T2 Disorient_T2
CentralCommand_T1 CentralCommand_T1
CentralCommand_T2 CentralCommand_T2
PriorityData_T1 PriorityData_T1
PriorityData_T2 PriorityData_T2
WatchList_T1 WatchList_T1
WatchList_T2 WatchList_T2
Insight_T1 Insight_T1
Insight_T2 Insight_T2
SatelliteData_T1 SatelliteData_T1
SatelliteData_T2 SatelliteData_T2
ResistanceBroadcast_T1 ResistanceBroadcast_T1
ResistanceBroadcast_T2 ResistanceBroadcast_T2
EnemyProtocol_T1 EnemyProtocol_T1
EnemyProtocol_T2 EnemyProtocol_T2
MapAlert_T0 MapAlert_T0
SquadConceal_Intel SquadConceal_Intel
IndividualProtocol_Intel IndividualProtocol_Intel
DarkEvent_ViperRounds DarkEvent_ViperRounds
WaterfrontRadio WOTC WaterfrontRadio
PilotSeat WOTC PilotSeat
RotorMechanism WOTC RotorMechanism
UFOPowerGrid WOTC UFOPowerGrid
AvalanceMissles WOTC AvalanceMissles
OperatorsManual WOTC OperatorsManual