XCOM 2 GiveResource ID List

Find on this page documentation for the GiveResource console command, and a list of all 6 XCOM 2 resource IDs to use with the command.

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GiveResource Command Documentation

giveresource [resource id] [amount] Avenger

This console command will give you the resource with the specified ID. You can also specify an amount of the resource you wish to add - e.g. 100. You must have at least one of the resource you wish to add in order for this to work. Use the additem command to add a resource if you don't already have one.

Resource IDThe ID of the resource you wish to add.
AmountThe amount of the resource you wish to add.


Find below working examples of the GiveResource command.

GiveResource AlienAlloy 1

This command would give you 1 Alien Alloy, provided you already have at least one.

GiveResource EleriumDust 25

"EleriumDust" is the ID code for Elerium Crystals - this console command would give you 25 Elerium Crystals, provided you already had at least one.

AddItem EleriumDust 1

If you don't already have 1 Elerium Crystal for the example above this one, using the above command will give you one Elerium Crystal.

Resource Name Resource ID
Alien Alloys AlienAlloy
Elerium Core EleriumCore
Elerium Crystals EleriumDust
Intel Intel
Supplies Supplies
Ability Point WOTC Abilitypoint