XCOM 2 GiveTech Documentation

Find below a list of all technology IDs to use with the GiveTech command. You can also find documentation for the GiveTech command below, which includes detailed syntax explanation and working examples.

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GiveTech Command Documentation

givetech [tech id] Avenger

This console command will research the technology with the specified ID. See all technology IDs at commands.gg/xcom2/givetech.

Tech IDThe ID of the technology you wish to research.


Find below working examples of the GiveTech command.

GiveTech CodexBrainPt1

"CodexBrainPt1" is the technology ID for the Codex Brain technology. This command would make you instantly research the Codex Brain technology.

GiveTech Skulljack

This console command would make you instantly research the Skulljack technology.

Technology Name Technology ID
Advent Officer Autopsy AutopsyAdventOfficer
Alien Biotech AlienBiotech
Blacksite Vial BlacksiteData
Codex Brain CodexBrainPt1
Encrypted Codex Data CodexBrainPt2
Skulljack Skulljack
Hybrid Materials HybridMaterials
Plated Armor PlatedArmor
Powered Armor PoweredArmor
Advent MEC Breakdown AutopsyAdventMEC
Avatar Autopsy AutopsyAdventPsiWitch
Advent Shieldbearer Autopsy AutopsyAdventShieldbearer
Advent Stun Lancer Autopsy AutopsyAdventStunLancer
Advent Trooper Autopsy AutopsyAdventTrooper
Advent Turret Breakdown AutopsyAdventTurret
Andromedon Autopsy AutopsyAndromedon
Archon Autopsy AutopsyArchon
Berserker Autopsy AutopsyBerserker
Chryssalid Autopsy AutopsyChryssalid
Faceless Autopsy AutopsyFaceless
Gatekeeper Autopsy AutopsyGatekeeper
Muton Autopsy AutopsyMuton
Sectoid Autopsy AutopsySectoid
Sectopod Breakdown AutopsySectopod
Viper Autopsy AutopsyViper
Experimental Powered Weapon AdvancedHeavyWeapons
Advanced Grenades AdvancedGrenades
Battlefield Medicine BattlefieldMedicine
Bluescreen Protocol Bluescreen
Experimental Ammo ExperimentalAmmo
Experimental Armor ExperimentalArmor
Experimental Grenades ExperimentalGrenade
E.X.O. Suit EXOSuit
Experimental Heavy Weapon HeavyWeapons
Plasma Grenades PlasmaGrenade
Skull Mining Skullmining
Spider Suit SpiderSuit
W.A.R. Suit WARSuit
Wraith Suit WraithSuit
Modular Weapons ModularWeapons
Magnetized Weapons MagnetizedWeapons
Gauss Weapons GaussWeapons
Psionics Psionics
Elerium Tech_Elerium
Plasma Rifle PlasmaRifle
Plasma Lance PlasmaSniper
Beam Cannon HeavyPlasma
Storm Gun AlloyCannon
Spark Shen's Last Gift BuildSpark
Mechanized Warfare Shen's Last Gift MechanizedWarfare
Archon King Autopsy Alien Hunters AutopsyArchonKing
Berserker Queen Autopsy Alien Hunters AutopsyBerserkerQueen
Viper King Autopsy Alien Hunters AutopsyViperKing
R.A.G.E. Suit Alien Hunters RAGESuit
Serpent Suit Alien Hunters SerpentSuit
Icarus Armor Alien Hunters IcarusArmor
Experimental Weapons Alien Hunters ExperimentalWeapons
Bolt Caster Alien Hunters BoltCaster
Hunter’s Axe Alien Hunters HuntersAxe
Shadowkeeper Alien Hunters Shadowkeeper
Frostbomb Alien Hunters Frostbomb
Advent Priest Autopsy WOTC AutopsyAdventPriest
Advent Purifier Autopsy WOTC AutopsyAdventPurifier
Spectre Autopsy WOTC AutopsySpectre
The Lost Autopsy WOTC AutopsyTheLost