XCOM 2 SetSoldierStat Documentation

Below is a searchable table of all 17 stat IDs from XCOM 2. These stat IDs can be used with the SetSoldierStat console command - documentation with examples for this command can also be found below.

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SetSoldierStat Command Documentation

setsoldierstat [stat id] [value] [soldier name] [0 / 1] Avenger

This console command will set the stat of the specified solider to the specified value. See commands.gg/xcom2/setsoldierstat for stat IDs. If you are using the WOTC DLC, you will also need to specify the 0/1 argument at the end of the command.

Stat IDThe ID of the soldier's stat you wish to change the value of.
ValueThe value you wish to set the stat to.
Soldier NameThe name of the soldier that you wish to set the stat of. If this command isn't working, try putting the name in quotation marks - e.g. "Caleb Murray", not just Caleb Murray.
0 / 1Only required if you are playing with the WOTC DLC. Specify '1' (without quotes) here to change the soldier's base stat. Specify '0' (without quotes here) to not change the soldier's base stat.


Find below working examples of the SetSoldierStat command.

SetSoldierStat eStat_FlankingCritChance 100 Caleb Murray

This console command would set the critical chance when flanking for the soldier Caleb Murray to 100%.

SetSoldierStat eStat_HP 80 Adrianna Meer

This command would set the health stat of the soldier with name Adrianna Meer to 80.

SetSoldierStat eStat_Offense 90 "Amy Ryan" 1 War of the Chosen

This console command would set the Aim stat (stat ID eStat_Offense) of the character with the name "Amy Ryan" to 90. The above command example works on WOTC.

Stat Name Stat ID
Armor Migration Trigger Chance eStat_ArmorChance
Armor eStat_ArmorMitigation
PCM Slot (1 to allow unit to use) eStat_CombatSims
Critical Hit Chance eStat_CritChance
Enemies Detection Range eStat_DetectionRadius
Dodge eStat_Dodge
Flanking Aim Bonus eStat_FlankingAimBonus
Flanking Critical Hit Chance eStat_FlankingCritChance
Hacking eStat_Hacking
Health eStat_HP
Mobility eStat_Mobility
Aim eStat_Offense
Psi Offence eStat_PsiOffense
Sight radius eStat_SightRadius
Melee Attack Effect Trigger Chance eStat_Strength
Max Utility Items Soldier Can Carry eStat_UtilityItems
Max Will eStat_Will