7 Days to Die GiveQuest IDs

Find on this page documentation for the GiveQuest console command in 7 Days to Die, along with a list of all 35 7DTD quest IDs to use with the command.

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givequest Command Documentation

givequest [quest id]

This cheat will give yourself the quest with the specified quest ID.

Quest IDThe quest ID of the quest you wish to give yourself.


Find below working examples of the givequest command.

givequest challenge_nurseyoubacktohealth

This console command would make you complete the "Nurse You Back to Health" quest.

givequest challenge_maneater

The above cheat code would give you the "The Man Eater" quest.

Quest Name Quest ID
Basic Survival 1/8 quest_BasicSurvival1
Basic Survival 2/8 quest_BasicSurvival2
Basic Survival 3/8 quest_BasicSurvival3
Basic Survival 4/8 quest_BasicSurvival4
Basic Survival 5/8 quest_BasicSurvival5
Basic Survival 6/8 quest_BasicSurvival6
Basic Survival 7/8 quest_BasicSurvival7
Basic Survival 8/8 quest_BasicSurvival8
Silence of the Lambs challenge_silenceofthelambs
Drunk and Disorderly challenge_drunkanddisorderly
Nurse You Back to Health challenge_nurseyoubacktohealth
Starving Tourists challenge_starvingtourists
The Dog Days Are Over challenge_dogdaysareover
Itsy Bitsy Spider challenge_itsybitsyspider
Lady Killer challenge_ladykiller
The Man Eater challenge_maneater
You're nothing Special challenge_yournothingspecial
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay challenge_imalumberjackandimokay
Blitz Defense challenge_blitzdefense
Give me a Z challenge_givemeaz
Dishonorable Discharge challenge_dishonorabledischarge
Cable Guys Never Made It challenge_cableguysnevermadeit
Kill the Wabbit challenge_killthewabbit
Nail Some Chicks challenge_nailsomechicks
That'll Do Pig challenge_thatlldopig
Stag Party challenge_stagparty
Don't Feed the Bears challenge_dontfeedthebears
Buy the Farm challenge_buythefarm
Taylor's Treasure Map treasure_taylor
Nickole's Treasure Map treasure_nickole
Stephan's Treasure Map treasure_stephan
Jennifer's Treasure Map treasure_jennifer
Claude's Treasure Map treasure_claude
Sarah's Treasure Map treasure_sarah
Raphael's Treasure Map treasure_raphael